Polyfuze Graphics® vs. Heat Transfers

If you have experienced any of the decorating issues expounded below from heat transfers, know that Polyfuze is here to help. When heat transfers are exposed to harsh conditions such as sun exposure, rain, snow or exposure to chemicals, heat transfers will break down and degrade over time.


Heat Transfer Problems

Heat Transfers Are Not Compatible with Olefin Based Resins

Heat transfers are comprised of inks, adhesives and clear coats, which are not compatible with olefin based resins. After the clear coats and adhesives have degraded, the inks begin to separate from the plastic surface over time. Even with efforts such as pre-treating, the heat transfers begin to separate and fail with normal use and exposure to weather conditions. Also, scrap rates associated with heat transfers can run high. Scrap rates and failures in the field can lead to replacement costs and loss of production capacity.

Non-Compatible Materials Within Heat Transfers:

  • Carrier Material
    Strips away on the take-up reel after stamping is completed and is not part of the finished product.
  • Clear Coat
    Made from coatings that are non-compatible to polyolefins.
  • Inks & Colorings
    These inks are comprised of non-compatible materials and will fade and degrade over time.
  • Adhesive
    Made from non-compatible hot melt adhesive that only temporarily sticks and doesn’t bond cohesively to the plastic.


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Heat Transfers for Injection Molded Plastics


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Polyfuze Graphics are an easy-to-apply decoration process for injection molded plastics. Our secondary process only requires the use of a standard hot stamp machine and a 80 durometer silicon die to fuse the graphic permanently into the part to become one piece. No adhesives, no inks, no clear coats and no surface pre-treatments are required.

All it takes is the quick setup on the machine with the heat, time and pressure settings dialed in for a consistent and repeatable result. At glance it looks like a heat transfer or hot stamp foil being applied, but the materials our graphics are comprised of set us apart and allow us to outperform the rest.

Check out our Polyfuze Graphics 101 video to view how the process is done.

Festival Foods Cart with Polyfuze Graphcis


Our Polyfuze Graphics are the perfect permanent alternative to heat transfers. Our multi-color graphics offer fine line detail which can be difficult to achieve in heat transfer applications. Our multi-color graphics can be color matched to various color charts such as the Pantone® Matching System and allow you to apply the graphic in one single stamp. Due to the nature of the pigments used to comprise our graphics, we are able to achieve effects such as halftones and gradient patterns, thus allowing for a dramatic effect with less colors being processed.


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