Graphics Reimagined

Graphics Reimagined. Permanence Redefined.

Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation

Trying to explain a new technology can be extremely challenging. Especially when it involves using terms that have previously been used but maybe weren’t entirely accurate. More often than not, it means spending quite a bit of time describing how the new technology actually works.

In plastics decorating for polyethylene and polypropylene, a lot of words have been thrown around to describe decorating technologies. Words such as permanent and durable are repeatedly used to describe technologies like IML’s, Heat Transfers and Foils. In actuality, it’s most important to understand the basics of how these technologies are constructed in order to explain the differences.

When we set out to describe a brand new technology that looks very similar to these other methods, to the naked eye, but in reality is so very different from all the rest… we sure had our work cut out for us.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, we say an animated video is worth even more! So how do we explain an entirely new technology? With as few words as possible.