What Is Fusion Technology?

What It's Made Of

 Our patented IP gives Fusion Technology Labels their unique ability to Fuse (Melt) Permanently into Polyolefin Plastics.

Fusion Technology Formulation-01

Manufacturing Process

It starts with the development of our Printable  Polymer Matrix which is screen printed onto PET retainer film to create customized Fusion Labels built to customer specifications.

NO adhesives, NO inks, NO substrates.

  Only 100% compatible polymers are utilized for your plastic products. 

  Fusion Labels are manufactured using Lean Manufacturing principles/processes including  Built-In Quality (BIQ) verifications ensuring  highest quality throughout production. 

Finished labels ship from our facility in Clarkdale, Arizona to our customers around the world.

Understanding Fusion Reaction

The video provides an overview of how fusion technology reaction occurs. Fusion Labels and the surface of plastic part reach a liquid state allowing molecular level reaction to occur.  Basically the label and the surface of the plastic part melt (fuse) together, (Think Tattooing Plastic) creating a lifetime permanent, durable bond.

Fusion Explained

This Demonstration is looking at what happens under the Hot Stamp / Heat Transfer Die during processing of a Label developed utilizing Fusion Technology. 

Using laboratory settings, we show how Fusion Technology interacts with the intended olefinic product, In this demonstration, the label and olefinic polymer part is heated to a molten state. This is exactly what happens when you apply Fusion Labels to any olefinic polymer product. Surface of the olefinic product becomes molten and the fusion label turns molten at the same rate (i.e. like materials) happens quickly, once cooled you have a “Truly Permanent” (Fused) Tattooed product.   

Fusion Label vs Adhesive label

This Demonstration is reviewing how Fusion Technology compares to Adhesive-Based Technologies (i.e. Compatible vs Non-compatible materials). 

For demonstration purposes the labels are placed on an olefinic polymer part, heated to a molten state.  As you’ll see; differences are clear between Fusion and Adhesive Technologies.  Fusion is Permanent – Tattooed into the plastic creating one seamless piece of plastic. 

Adhesive-Based Technologies are NOT Permanent, nor durable long-term.

Durability Testing Videos

This Demonstration will show how lacquer thinner (Typical Solvent Cleaner) effects adhesive-based technology compared to Fusion Technology.  Yellow Bucket is Adhesive-Based Technology – Gray Bucket is Fusion Technology, Tattooed for life.  

No Comparison in Overall Quality and True Permanence – Fusion Technology is unmatched.

This Demonstration will show the durability and permanence of Fusion Technology. Using a series of industry-standard test methods you will see how Fusion “Tattooing “Technology redefines True Permanence. 

Adhesive-Based Technologies will not provide the durability/permanence compared to Fusion Technology.

This demonstration compares labels utilizing Adhesive-Based Technology and Fusion Technology.  You find Adhesive-Based Labels sold as Permanent, what you’ll see demonstrated is the lack of permanence when introduced to Pressure Washing compared to Fusion Technology. As you will see, Fusion Technology redefines “True Permanence”, like a Tattoo for your product. 

It’s actually molecularly fused into products,

How to Apply Fusion Labels?