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Frequently Asked Questions

/Frequently Asked Questions

Polyfuze Graphics™, from Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp., are a different decorating technology from other methods. Polyfuze is a polymer-based graphic that is 100% compatible with polyethylene and polypropylene plastics and fuzes at a molecular and subsurface level into your plastic part. It is made specifically for use in with injection molded plastics. They outperform and outlast IML’s, heat transfers, foils and more.


A Polyfuze Graphic has unsurpassed durability, quite often exceeding the life cycle of the plastic part. It was made to be a 100% compatible and lasting graphic for polyethylene and polypropylene plastics, specifically for injection molded parts. The materials in Polyfuze Graphics™ are polymer-based, and completely fuze into your plastic to become one part at a molecular and sub-surface level. Polyfuze Graphics, unlike IML’s, foils, heat transfers or other methods, are NOT ink or adhesive-based. Other methods do not pass UV, weathering, acids or chemical testing like our Polyfuze Graphic does.

In a word, plenty. This graphic will meet any industry standard for exposure to harsh chemicals, UV extremes, petroleum-based products, normal abrasion, and peeling/separation.

You name it.

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Waste Management
  • Medical Devices & Medical Waste Containers
  • Safety Helmets & Rubber Boots
  • Utility Line Marking & Signage
  • Warning Labels
  • Child Safety Products
  • Cases
  • Automotive Components & Batteries
  • Food Service
  • Sports Equipment & Coolers
  • Power Tools
  • Shopping Cart Warnings & Baskets
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Reusable Packaging & Shipping
  • Consumer Products
  • Any PE or PP plastic part that needs warning or instructional labels permanently affixed
  • Any PE or PP plastic part that needs asset protection, or traceability with QR codes, bar codes, serialization