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Durable Juvenile Products
Durable Juvenile Products

Engineered specifically for low surface energy children’s durable plastic products to exceed performance for track & trace, barcode, branding, antimicrobial & safety/warning labels.

Engineered specifically for low surface energy children’s durable plastic products to exceed performance for track & trace, barcode, branding, antimicrobial & safety/warning labels.

Durable Juvenile Other Methods Fail

Adhesion-Based Shortcomings

Why Other Methods Fail

In the United States and globally, baby and children’s products are required to meet specific safety standards and federal safety regulations that ensure safe use for parents of juveniles who use them. Sections of these standards are devoted to safety / warning and information labeling that informs parents of proper use with products such as car seats, highchairs, baby bathtubs, strollers, and baby changing tables to name a few.

Most juvenile products today are manufactured from low surface energy polyolefin thermoplastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene. These polymers more closely resemble the “stick-resistant” properties of Teflon® than they do of other plastics, which is one of the reasons they are chosen in the first place.

Safety standards and federal regulations require that safety / warning, informative and manufacturers information labeling be permanent on the juvenile product for the expected life-use of the product.

This creates a problem since the properties making polyolefin thermoplastics so versatile for juvenile products also makes them problematic for common “adhesion-based” labeling methods used on these products today (e.g. pressure-sensitive adhesive, in-mold, hot stamp foil, heat transfer, silkscreen, pad printing, and more.)

Keep in mind, juvenile products and the labeling attempting to stick to them are exposed daily to water submersion, sanitizing chemicals, UV exposures, pressure washing, and frequent use.

This helps to explain not only the challenge associated with labeling juvenile products made from polyolefin thermoplastics, but the long-term effects of real-world examples that consistently prove these labeling methods are not meeting the life-use requirement necessary for safety / warning, informative and even branding.

When labels fail to meet the requirement, the result can be costly litigation or product recall. Especially in cases of juvenile products that present possible risk of injury or death when used incorrectly, since it’s the manufacturer who is burdened with “failure to warn” in cases of damaged or missing safety / warning labeling.

To say juvenile product labeling is important (performing an essential safety, informative and liability prevention role) is an understatement. And while the litigation portion of the equation is certainly something that everyone wants to avoid, the most important thing is that children remain safe and that preventable injury or death is, well, prevented!

Juvenile Why Other Methods Fail
Durable Products
Durable Products
Durable Products

The Polyfuze Difference

Polymer Fusion
Labeling Technology
For Durable Juvenile

Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology exceeds juvenile safety label standards while outperforming standard adhesive-based and mechanical bond labeling methods, labels that are required to remain visible, legible, and permanent for the lifespan of the respective juvenile product. This occurs because Polymer Fusion Labels were engineered specifically for permanent durability on low surface energy polyolefin thermoplastics.

Polymer Fusion is the science of merging two separate low surface energy plastic polymers together (polyolefin label + polyolefin component) utilizing melting point, time, and pressure, which produces a singular piece of plastic without the use of adhesives, tie-layers, bonding agents, or secondary surface treatments.

Juvenile Performance
Juvenile Performance

Performance Attributes

  • Fully compatible with low surface energy polyolefin thermoplastics (no substrates, inks, or adhesives are used)
  • 100% polymer fusion melds at molecular level with low surface energy polymers
  • Impervious to harsh environments, chemicals, sanitation processes, environments with moisture, solvents, water, pressure-washing, and extreme temperatures.
  • Anti-counterfeit & authentication capability
  • Life-use track & trace labeling solutions
  • Lifetime Guarantee


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  • Car Seats
  • High Chairs
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  • Baby Bathtubs
  • Changing Tables
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