Children's Products & Consumer Goods

Permanent Labeling Expected For 3+ Years For Durable Life.

Polyfuze Proven Label Durability For Children’s Products & Consumer Goods

Polyfuze offers the only Fusion Labeling Technology in the world that will surpass durability standards that cannot be achieve by other labeling methods, because nothing wants to stick to low surface energy polyolefins. But Polyfuze doesn’t stick, it “fuses”.


Polyfuze Fusion labeling works with flexible PVC, TPO, TPE, Polypropylene and more.

  • Kayaks
  • Coolers
  • Toys
  • Playground Equipment
  • Home Appliances
  • Child Seats
  • Sports Equipment
  • Lawnmowers
  • Tools & Tool Boxes
  • And More

Missing or Damaged Labels = Missing or Damaged Identity = Diminished Perception of Value With Customers

But here’s the problem. The naturally resistant nature that makes LSE polyolefin durable goods so durable is also the reason other labels fail. Even though the durable goods themselves will last for years to come, the Brand name & logo labels along with safety/warning labels won’t and that’s important. And it’s not a matter of if, it’s when.

Consumers Choose Polyfuze For Lasting Quality

60% of buyer’s decisions today are based solely on a Brands Name or Logo which is why Brands invest astonishing amounts of money into their Branding in the first place. Brands want to create awareness, identity and an exceptional image that’s perceived by their buyers as better than their competition which is why permanent labeling is not just a need, it’s an investment.

The only viable solution is to use a 100% compatible Polyfuze label tailored to permanently meld Brand names, logos, and safety / warning information directly into LSE polyolefin plastics until their end of life use.

How permanent are Polyfuze labels? So permanent that they’re backed by our lifetime guarantee, our pledge to you.

And when end of life comes and it’s time to recycle, there’s no labels to remove that only becomes waste on the ground or landfill because Polyfuze labels are 100% recyclable, just like the LSE polyolefin plastics they’re seamlessly fused to.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


Craig Pearson - CPI Products

“Add value to our customers which adds value to us as a molder.”

Howard Parker - Aquatic Adventures International Inc.

“Wish I knew of your technology 34 years ago. What a shame to have started using this technology only 2 years ago.”

Team ZipChip

“American made Polyfuze lives up to its name and truly fuses to our part.

Kevin Smither - ProTecBar

“Your brand becomes one in the same with ProTecBar when decorating your parts with the Polyfuze technology."

Ken Johannaber - Epic Discs

"When it came to branding, the product proved challenging to match with an effective labeling technology. Polyfuze worked hard to find a graphics solution that would work well for us. The graphics are awesome looking, but they also stand up to abuse. Something we definitely need.”

Haley Connelley - Mayhew Tools

“The Polyfuze Graphics® work well for us as we needed a method to brand our Dominator Handles in-house. This labeling process enabled us to use existing hot stamping equipment to apply the labels and we are able to save time and money.”

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