Labeling Consumer Goods & Children's Products

Permanent Labeling Expected For 3+ Years For Durable Life.

Proven Label Durability For Consumer Goods & Children’s Products

Polyfuze Disruptive Fusion Labeling Technology offers the world’s only solution for difficult to label polyolefin thermoplastics like Polypropylene, Polyethylene and more for:

  • Consumer Products
  • High Chairs and Booster Seats
  • Car Seats
  • Playground Equipment
  • Home Appliances
  • Child Seats
  • Sports Equipment
  • Tools & Tool Boxes

In 2016, Polyfuze was approached by Fisher & Paykel (owned by Haier Appliances) with a need to label Polypropylene touchscreen control components on their new line of dishwasher drawers. Being a “high touch” component of the washer, the label required posed significant reliability demands.   

Polyfuze Fusion Labeling, along with three other standard label sources, underwent testing for Abrasion (in-house), Adhesion per ASTM D3359 Crosshatch Tape Test, and Immersion per UL 749.

In conclusion, only Polyfuze achieved top scores in each category. As Fisher & Paykel stated on their report summary “Observations confirm viability of Polyfuze’s own test data report. Polyfuze is indeed an advanced performer for long-term polypropylene graphics longevity.”

Along with with Fisher & Paykel, Polyfuze partners with Whirlpool, Haier, Rubbermaid and other consumer and children’s products Brands providing the world’s only Fusion Labeling Technology that solves problems.

Label systems claiming permanence for marking and labeling of durable products manufactured from (production intent) polyolefin thermoplastics must be validation tested on said polyolefin thermoplastic coupons in lieu of Standards Specified stainless steel, aluminum or glass coupons.

Polyfuze Fusion Labels have been tested and validated for use on all Polyolefin Thermoplastics.

Damaged Labels Lead To Safety Issues and Diminished Perception of Brand Value

Ever notice the half-torn labels on diaper changing stations in the public bathrooms or the Brand name labels missing from restaurant highchairs? Safety labels missing from playground equipment, child car seats and sports equipment? Smudged labels on tools and toolboxes, home appliances and even your roll out cart trashcan at home?  Polyolefin Consumer Goods and Children’s products are susceptible to a variety of exposures. Cleaning chemicals, fuels, oils, UV, moisture, heat and cold.

Branding and Safety/Warning labels are only effective in at doing their job if they remain in place for the life use of polyolefin product!

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It


Howard Parker - Aquatic Adventures International Inc.

“What a shame to have only started using this technology 2 years ago. Wish I'd known about it 34 years ago.

Team ZipChip

“American made Polyfuze lives up to its name and truly fuses to our part."

Fisher & Paykel

“Observations confirm viability of Polyuze's own test data. Polyfuze is indeed an advanced performer for long-term polypropylene label longevity."

Ken Johannaber - Epic Discs

"When it came to branding, the product proved challenging to match with an effective labeling technology. Polyfuze worked hard to find a graphics solution that would work well for us. The graphics are awesome looking, but they also stand up to abuse. Something we definitely need.”

Haley Connelley - Mayhew Tools

“The Polyfuze Graphics® work well for us as we needed a method to brand our Dominator Handles in-house. This labeling process enabled us to use existing hot stamping equipment to apply the labels and we are able to save time and money.”

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