Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation Product Innovation is Built Upon 30+ Years of Experience

In early 1983, our parent company, Mold In Graphic Systems® revolutionized the way rotationally molded polyolefins would be decorated. After extensive research and development, the first Mold In Graphic® transfer was successfully created, allowing Windsurfer America® to be the first company to utilize this exciting new graphic for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. And so began the company Mold In Graphic Systems®. Since it’s beginnings, Mold In Graphic Systems® has been the leader of permanently decorating polyethylene and polypropylene products used throughout the world.

30+ Years of Innovation Leads to Polyfuze Graphics™ for Injection Molded Plastic Products

The tradition of innovation led our Research and Development team to develop a new set of products and to form a sales & support team that focused it’s technology specifically for the Injection Molding Industry! This new team focus became Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation and led to the development of Polyfuze Graphics for Injection Molded plastic products.

Introducing the Polyfuze Graphic has become the single biggest innovation in over 75 years for hot-stamping or heat transfer technology. The Polyfuze Graphic is the world’s only polymer-based graphic available today for decorating products made of injection molded polyethylene or polypropylene.