The Polyfuze Graphics Story


July 2012 - First Shipments of Polyfuze Graphics

The first shipments of Polyfuze Graphics orders were started!


July 2012 - Unarco's Shopping Cart Warning Labels Created

Unarco's design for shopping cart warning labels partnered up to utilize Polyfuze Graphics technology for its polyethylene plastics labeling. Read More


August 2012 - Rehrig Pacific Company Labeling

Rehrig Pacific Company partners with Polyfuze Graphics labeling technology for their company logo, starting a new enhanced plastics labeling experience. Read More


October 2012 - New Pepsi Crates Completed

Rehrig Pacific Company partnered up again with Polyfuze in October of 2012 to finish it's durable labeling on cool new Pepsi beverage crates, which included product traceability features. Read More


October 2012 - Otto Environmental Systems Starts With Polyfuze

Otto Environmental Systems North America partnered with Polyfuze Graphics labeling technology for their company logo, starting a new branding vision of it's curbside waste management bins. Read More


August 2013 - Safeway Baskets Carry Polyfuze Technology

Rondi Industries saw it's need for permanent labeling on its plastic Safeway baskets and connected with Polyfuze Graphics labeling technology to deliver the branding. Read More


September 2013 - Patriot Disposal With Polyfuze Graphics

Patriot Disposal combines its waste bins with Polyfuze Graphics labeling technology waste management containers. Read More


November 2013 - City of Latrobe With Polyfuze Graphics

City of Latrobe in Pennsylvania labeled its waste bins with Polyfuze Graphics labeling technology for permanent branding of its plastics. Read More


April 2014 - Uniphase, Inc. Phases In with Polyfuze

Uniphase, Inc. chose Polyfuze Graphics labeling technology for its Gatorade branding of portable sports drink holders.


June 2014 - Festival Food Carts Multi-Color Labeling from Polyfuze

Festival Foods joined its plastic shopping carts with a permanent and multi-color labeling option from Polyfuze Graphics for high visibility.


August 2014 - Trash Taxi Rolls In New Polyfuze Graphics Labels

Trash Taxi needed a durable labeling technology for its polyolefin waste bins in Georgia and chose Polyfuze Graphics. Read More.


October 2014 - Groot Waste Bins With Polyfuze Graphics

Groot has chosen the outdoor durability and UV resistant Polyfuze Graphics for its labeling of curbside waste bins.


March 2015 - C & A Pro Skis Joins With Polyfuze Technology

C & A Pro Skis company needed a super durable labeling technology for its plastic ski components to last on the slopes and chose Polyfuze Graphics. Read More.


September 2015 - Scenic Road Barrows into Polyfuze Graphics

Scenic Road Company joined its polyolefin wheel barrow products with the permanent labeling of Polyfuze Graphics.


June 2016 - Mayhew Steel Products Inc. Handled With Polyfuze

Mayhew Steel Products Inc. needed a new tool handle labeling technology to increase production efficiency and brand durability for its "Dominator Series" tool grips and chose Polyfuze Graphics.

How Success Is Driven By Innovation & Company Culture

Polyfuze Graphics Company & News

Innovation is Built Upon 30+ Years of Experience

In early 1983, our parent company, Mold In Graphic Systems® revolutionized the way rotationally molded polyolefins would be decorated. After extensive research and development, the first Mold In Graphic® transfer was successfully created, allowing Windsurfer America® to be the first company to utilize this exciting new graphic for the 1984 Summer Olympic Games. And so began the company Mold In Graphic Systems®. Since it's beginnings, Mold In Graphic Systems® has been the leader of permanently decorating polyethylene and polypropylene products used throughout the world. The tradition of innovation led our Research and Development team to develop a new set of products and to form a sales & support team that focused it's technology specifically for the Injection Molding Industry! This new team focus became Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation and led to the development of Polyfuze Graphics® for Injection Molded plastic products.


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Our experiences with Polyfuze Graphics staff and product has been exceptional. They are easy to work with, technically resourceful, thorough and responsive. Polyfuze Graphics helped C&A Pro Skis transition from a cumbersome manual stickering process to an automated application. This change reduced our costs significantly and increased our out-going quality. Polyfuze Graphics went above and beyond in numerous ways…We would highly recommend Polyfuze Graphics as your supplier of choice.
Eddy Plowman, C & A Proskis
Processing the new Polyfuze Graphic was 'ridiculously easy'.
Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation has proven to be an invaluable business partner when it comes to decorating Otto containers. The Polyfuze Graphic meets or exceeds the durability standards, appearance requirements, and UV tests of the plastics industry…
…It enhances brand awareness, improves asset retention, lowers costs, and advances sustainability initiatives.
Rehrig Pacific, Rehrig Pacific Company
Unarco Industries changed their current system to Polyfuze because they could get the multi-color graphic they needed with the durability that will last.
I have tried for years to get a multi -color permanent logo on our garbage toters, but had settled for a decal instead. Polyfuze Graphics™ helped us to fulfill this need. Not only is our Trash Taxi logo in full color, but also permanently welded into the plastic of our cart. The fine line detail in the graphic far exceeds any hot stamp. Thank you Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation and Otto Environmental Systems for making this hope a reality.
Curtis Agius - President / Founder, Trash Taxi
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Polyfuze Graphics news PR kit download- in the SPE NewsletterSociety of Plastics Engineers –

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The True Definition of Permanent. (Spring 2015 Newsletter)
The word 'permanent' is used to describe decorating methods for injection molded PE and PP, but what does that really mean?

Polyfuze Graphics news PR kit download - in Plastics

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NPE2015 News – The Show Daily
The only polymer-based decorating method for branding injection molded plastics describes the new Polyfuze Graphics™ technology.

Polyfuze Graphics news PR kit download - in

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Product Showcase – Polyfuze's Multi-Colored Plastics Decorating Technology – (02-13-15)
Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp. is offering a multi-colored technology for decorating polyethylene and polypropylene plastic products.

Polyfuze Graphics news PR kit download - in

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Durable Graphics Add to Product Security, Branding
For long-term branding and identification in difficult conditions,durable graphics have a step up on their pressure-sensitive labeling counterparts…

Polyfuze Graphics news PR kit download - in Packaging

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Polyfuze Graphic: A Hidden Secret for Decorating Injection MoldedPolyethylene Which Most People Don't Know About – (12-29-14)
Throughout the history of the plastics decorating industry there have only been a limited number of ways to decorate polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and other olefin based products.These methods include…

Polyfuze Graphics news PR kit download - in Packaging

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Wider Decorating Options for Injection Molded Plastic Assets
Polyfuze Graphics Now Available as a CMYK 4-Color Process Clarkdale, AZ: As manufacturers of the only polymer based graphic which literally fuses with polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation has new innovations within their technology. 'Our R&D team has done it again” comments Jason Brownell, Vice …

Polyfuze Graphics news PR kit download - in Packaging

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Only Decorating Approach That is Truly Structural Foam Friendly
Polyfuze offers a reliable and consistent decorating method for porous structural foam surfaces. Once again the team at Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation has discovered an innovative breakthrough,according to a company announcement. Polyfuze technology was originally developed for injection molded polyolefins and is the only plastic …

When Permanent Really Means Permanent.

As featured with the Society of Plastics Engineers : ANTEC® 2015 Proceedings of the Technical Conference, Orlando, Florida

White Paper by Jason Brownell, Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation, Clarkdale, AZ


The intent of this paper is to demonstrate the truly permanent nature of a new patent protected heat fusion process for the transfer of graphics to polyethylene, polypropylene and other olefin products. As stated in Wikipedia, 'Heat fusion (sometimes called heat welding or simply fusion) is a welding process used to join two different pieces of a thermoplastic. This process involves heating both pieces simultaneously and pressing them together. The two pieces then cool together and form a permanent bond. When done properly, the two pieces become indistinguishable from each other. Dissimilar plastics can result in improper bonding.'

Download this White Paper

This paper will:

  1. Explain the difference between this heat fused graphic, known as Polyfuze, and other labeling processes such as In-Mold Labels (IML), Hot Stamp (Foil), Screen/Pad Printing and adhesive backed stickers.
  2. Define the environmental significance of each of these decorating methods vs. heat fused graphics.



A Brief History On Flexible Plastics

0716_PolyfuzeGraphics_CallForNewStandardsinDecorating_article-1Call for New Standards In Decoration

Stretching The Limits of Plastics Decorating

The decoration of plastics has been stretched to its limits over the course of history. We have seen the progression of decorating methods for injection molded plastics change from a slower manual process, to a machine and assembly line driven method. As machine assembly lines approach true efficiency and the speeds needed for profitable production, we can't help but notice a critical flaw. Why aren't the limits of plastic decorating being stretched?

To help answer this question we must look at the history of different plastic materials. We must examine what current methods are being used for decorating and the challenges that other methods face. Polyfuze Graphics® are stretching the science of permanent labeling on flexible olefins to a whole new level.

Download Full Article Here

This article will:

  1. Describe a brief history on plastic materials and other methods of decoration.
  2. Examine the challenges faced when decorating flexible plastics.
  3. Reveal the differences between other decorating methods and the Polyfuze Graphics® labeling technology.

Rehrig Pacific Company uses Polyfuze Graphics™ from Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp.

Rehrig Pacific Company uses Polyfuze Graphics for Pepsi Crate

“Rehrig Pacific continually seeks to optimize value creation for PepsiCo with solutions that enhance the customer experience, improve sustainability and eliminate unnecessary costs. The new 5th Generation Retail Ready Merchandiser is better than the previous generation of reusable beverage packaging in 4 significant ways. It enhances …” Excerpt from Rehrig Pacific Company’s website. Click 2L Merchandiser Section to view.

View Brand Awareness White Paper Here



Otto Environmental Systems North America Inc. uses Polyfuze Graphics™ from Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp.

Otto Environmental Systems Waste & Recycling Cart uses Polyfuze graphicsBackground:

Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc. is a leading waste and recycling container manufacturer that provides a full-circle approach to the management of container activity in the solid waste & recycling industry. Otto serves communities with injection molded, sustainable cart and bin solutions through both private and municipally based collection systems that contain all waste streams including trash, recycling, yard waste, document security, etc. Otto is committed to the continual improvement of its manufacturing processes and technology development.

The Challenge:

Otto's customers value their branding, which proudly identifies their containers displayed at the curb of each resident's house or inside the offices of commercial buildings. Whether it is a city emblem or private company logo, Otto wants to offer its customers the highest quality graphics display available. In addition, the graphics on the side of these waste and recycling carts need to be extremely durable due to the aggressive weather conditions in which the carts exist. Otto needed a graphic that would stand up to not only the weather but also chemical solvents from washing and physical interaction from manual and automated collection trucks. Unlike stickers, they sought a graphic that won't crack, curl, pull up, deteriorate, fade or fall off and unlike hot stamps, Otto wanted to remove the limits of a single color foil graphic.

The Solution:

The Polyfuze Graphic offered Otto multi-color resin graphics. Otto outfitted its existing hot stamping machines with the technology requirements to fuse the graphic with the container. Through heat, pressure, and dwell time, the full color resin graphic is literally fused with the plastic cart—becoming part of the cart itself. Otto's ColorFUSE cart branding technology, which utilizes Polyfuze Graphics, allows multi-colored branding for cart bases/lids. Fine detail appears sharp and crisp. Otto's customers can choose from one to any number of colors and design a full color resin graphic that accurately displays their branding in a high quality format and can count on the most durable graphic available.

'Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation has proven to be an invaluable business partner when it comes to decorating Otto containers. The Polyfuze Graphic meets or exceeds the durability standards, appearance requirements, and UV tests of the plastics industry. As importantly, as a customer, the folks at Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp. consistently provide support above and beyond our expectations, helping us with issues and working with our staff to train on the Polyfuze Graphic process. It is exciting to be able to offer our customers multi-colored graphics and the ability to stand out in a white foil world!'

-Kathy Tudor,
Graphics Designer, Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.


Recently introduced by Otto, ColorFUSE cart branding (utilizing the Polyfuze Graphic) revolutionizes cart decorations! Customer reactions have been extremely positive. Throughout the history of the plastics industry, manufacturers have been trying to permanently decorate polyethylene. Because the resin graphic and the plastic cart become one during the application process, the graphic has the same characteristics as the base material. This means unsurpassed durability and minimum color fade. The graphic cannot be scratched off, peeled off, or chemically removed; it is essentially tattooed or fused into the plastic. Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp. continues to provide Otto with creative ideas on applications and the successful implementation of full color resin graphics.

Pictured above: Otto Millennium residential cart with 3 color Polyfuze Graphic for the company Patriot Disposal.

View Otto’s Containers Here


Unarco Industries LLC uses Polyfuze Graphics™.

Unarco Industries uses Polyfuze graphicsDue to regulations requiring use of 2 color labels for safety information on all shopping cart flap installations, Unarco Industries LLC changed their current decorating system to Polyfuze Graphics™ because they could get the multi-color graphic they needed with the durability that will last.

The durability was also an issue because of the use of handi-wipes at grocery stores being used on the seat flaps.  The wipes cleaning agent was removing the warning label thus making the warning obsolete.  The Polyfuze Graphics cannot be removed with handy-wipes, nor solvents, nor chemicals, nor pretty much anything else.