Company Growth From Effective Employees

Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation is the sister company of the original – Mold In Graphic Systems®. MIGS® has been in business for over 30 years, however, Polyfuze has a shorter history. Polyfuze Graphics Corporation’s inception dates back to 2012, where it debuted the IMIG graphic at the Plastics Industry Association sponsored NPE Show. Polyfuze’s focus is on the injection molding industry and is becoming a rapidly growing success. Internal MIGS employees were chosen to head start the company and put it on the path to success that it now knows.

The beginning of this growth came after the NPE Show in 2012. Making new connections from the NPE Show, the MIGS team became interested in working with UNARCO, a company that specializes in shopping cart flaps and handles. MIGS developed an interest to help them improve the durability and visual appeal of graphics on various components, however, the obstacle was that they were injection molded.

MIGS was originally established as the leading plastics labeling technology in the rotationally molded plastics industry. To create a better outlet to focus on the injection molding industry, a new brand name was needed, thus Polyfuze Graphics Corporation was created.

Jason Brownell started with MIGS in 1993 and has been working hard from the beginning with great success. He was chosen to help lead the Polyfuze team as VP Sales Manager, collaborating in the beginning with Jennifer May, a 7 plus year employee. Together, they quickly built contacts and relationships to help Polyfuze and its customers succeed and grow. Since then, Jamee Reddell and Lori Peterson joined the team, both in research and sales, followed by Kamla Delahel. Jamee has since moved into sales more exclusively, Lori has moved into finance and Kamla is providing much needed research and sales support. Polyfuze could not have made the tremendous strides they have made without each one of these employees putting in the hard work that they have and the two companies could not be more grateful.

Polyfuze Graphics Corporation and Mold In Graphic Systems together act as one close knit community. Employees are always putting in their best efforts to allow both companies to move forward toward success. The environment is friendly, welcoming and strives to make its employees proud to come to work each day. Both companies are motivated and driven to solve any problems that customers run into. This drive and teamwork has led to the fast growing success of the Polyfuze Graphic labeling technology and continued success of Mold In Graphic Systems.

To learn more about how the Polyfuze Graphics innovation can help the success and profitability of your injection molded parts, learn more here.