Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology Meets or Exceeds Industry Standards

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Because Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology becomes a fully integrated segment of finished polyolefin thermoplastic products, parts, and components, they easily meet or exceed industry performance and durability requirements as seen below.

Automotive Certifications

Polyfuze™ Polymer Fusion
Label Technology


2017 RSMS
Global Restricted Substance Management Standard (RSMS)

WSS–M99P2222 – D1
Performance, Vehicle Interior Environment Quality Component and Allergen Requirements

Restricted Substance Management Standard

Assembly Performance, Hard Mold-in-color Interior Components

Polyfuze™ Polymer Fusion
Label Technology

General Motors logo

This standard defines the requirements and strategy for labels on GM vehicles sold worldwide. Labels required in this standard are intended to convey information as well as to comply with legal requirements, product liability requirements, or information necessary for the handling of the vehicle throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle.

This standard is intended to test the resistance of vehicle interior materials to sunscreen and insect repellent.

Polyfuze™ Polymer Fusion
Label Technology

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HONDA HES A 1045-11
Plastic stickers (labels) that bear information, such as precautions, warnings or indication of specifications, and which are differentiated from decorative stickers (such as graphic stickers, sticker film, stripes, emblems, etc.). Stickers include general and fragile types of regulated stickers (whose attachment is regulated by a law) for motorcycles and power products but don’t include metal stickers, riveted stickers or regulated stickers for automobiles.

The units and numerical values in this standard are specified values in accordance with the International System of Units (SI), and those in { } are specified values based on customary units.

Medical Container Certifications

Polyfuze™ Polymer Fusion
Label Technology

Rehrig Healthcare Stericycle logo

Volvo STD 423-0015, MIL-STD-810G. ASTM D7932-14,
ASTM D3611, ASTM D4332

The standards referenced within this specification covers the means to test and measure performance characteristics of labels for containers, particularly containers to be used in extreme distribution environments (such as biohazard waste, hazardous materials, aerospace, military, and more).


For the purposes of this specification, an extreme distribution environment is one in which the container and label can reasonably be expected to encounter exposures to deteriorating chemicals, weather, elevated/cold temperatures, and other environmental and physical elements for an extended period of time.


Consumer Product Certifications

Polyfuze™ Polymer Fusion
Label Technology

Fisher Paykel Logo

The standards referenced within this specification covers the means to test and measure performance characteristics of labeling for Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer appliances.



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