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Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation March Webinar Our 2015 Webinar Series continues on Tuesday, March 3rd with a brand new installment. This webinar will be hosted by Jason Brownell, VP of Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation, in our prototype lab and will feature: An overview of what makes Polyfuze Graphic™ technology different in comparison to all other plastic [...]

SHARING THE KNOWLEDGE – Polyfuze™ Graphics Corporation Launches 2015 Webinar Series

Polyfuze™ Graphics Corporation is a company committed to the development of innovative technology for the decoration of injection molded Polyolefin based products. Beyond bringing new ideas to life, comes the responsibility of educating the plastics decorating industry on their new technology. On Tuesday, February 3, 2015, professionals from varied plastic industries participated in a [...]

Webinar for New Technology to Permanently Decorate Injection Molded PE & PP

Although many in the plastics industry have yet to learn about it, a new branding technology for decorating injection molded polyolefins was recently developed called “Polyethylene Fused Graphics”. To help the industry better understand this unique decorating method, Jason Brownell of Polyfuze Graphics Corporation will conduct a series of technical webinars during each month of [...]