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Best Method For Labeling Waste Management & Recycling Carts

The best method for labeling waste management & recycling carts should be truly permanent and easily identifiable. You could be a manufacturer of residential or business refuse carts, a waste or recycling management company, a provider of curbside waste collection service, or a city municipality providing your city with a public curbside cleanliness [...]

Reimagine Your Municipal Branding

-By Jamee Reddell Cities and various government agencies continue to explore the world of municipal branding and marketing from various avenues. What better way to reimagine city branding, than to have your single or multi-colored city seal or municipal logo, permanently branded on every waste or recycling cart that currently takes residence curbside within your [...]

Polyfuze Graphics™ Complies! FDA, CPSIA, ASTM, RoHS, REACH

SIGNS, SIGNS everywhere a SIGN. Do this, don’t do that. Can’t you READ the sign? LABELING COMPLIANCIES. Gotta love them. We know that they exist for good reason, and that is for our safety and protection. What if you can’t read a warning graphic that has been applied to plastic because the lettering has [...]

Polyfuze Graphics™ Interviews with National Waste and Recycling Association at WasteExpo

WasteExpo 2015, Day 2 – Customers Understanding the True Nature of Polyfuze Technology 2nd Day in Las Vegas, Nevada brings more excitement for the Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation team at Waste Expo 2015. Jason Brownell, VP Sales Manager at Polyfuze says, “The excitement is present and amping up not just for our team, but for [...]