Rehrig Pacific Company uses Polyfuze Graphics™ from Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp.

Rehrig Pacific Company uses Polyfuze Graphics for Pepsi Crate

CLICK HERE for the Brand Awareness White Paper conducted by Rehrig Pacific Company and Clemson University.

Rehrig Pacific Company uses Polyfuze Graphics™.

“Rehrig Pacific continually seeks to optimize value creation for PepsiCo with solutions that enhance the customer experience, improve sustainability and eliminate unnecessary costs. The new 5th Generation Retail Ready Merchandiser is better than the previous generation of reusable beverage packaging in 4 significant ways. It enhances brand awareness, improves asset retention, lowers costs, and advances sustainability initiatives. Designed to build Pepsi’s brand equity, enhance the shopper experience and promote combination sales, this reusable crate is manufactured in Pepsi blue with a new proprietary two-color Pepsi logo. Each merchandiser is also printed with a new multi-color anti-theft logo to aid in deterrence. This logo explains that the crate is a marked and traceable asset.” Excerpt from Rehrig Pacific Company’s website. Click 2L Merchandiser Section to view.

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