Otto Environmental Systems North America Inc. uses Polyfuze Graphics™ from Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp.

Otto Environmental Systems Waste & Recycling Cart uses Polyfuze graphicsBackground:

Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc. is a leading waste and recycling container manufacturer that provides a full-circle approach to the management of container activity in the solid waste & recycling industry. Otto serves communities with injection molded, sustainable cart and bin solutions through both private and municipally based collection systems that contain all waste streams including trash, recycling, yard waste, document security, etc. Otto is committed to the continual improvement of its manufacturing processes and technology development.

The Challenge:

Otto’s customers value their branding, which proudly identifies their containers displayed at the curb of each resident’s house or inside the offices of commercial buildings. Whether it is a city emblem or private company logo, Otto wants to offer its customers the highest quality graphics display available. In addition, the graphics on the side of these waste and recycling carts need to be extremely durable due to the aggressive weather conditions in which the carts exist. Otto needed a graphic that would stand up to not only the weather but also chemical solvents from washing and physical interaction from manual and automated collection trucks. Unlike stickers, they sought a graphic that won’t crack, curl, pull up, deteriorate, fade or fall off and unlike hot stamps, Otto wanted to remove the limits of a single color foil graphic.

The Solution:

The Polyfuze Graphic offered Otto multi-color resin graphics. Otto outfitted its existing hot stamping machines with the technology requirements to fuse the graphic with the container. Through heat, pressure, and dwell time, the full color resin graphic is literally fused with the plastic cart—becoming part of the cart itself. Otto’s ColorFUSE cart branding technology, which utilizes Polyfuze Graphics, allows multi-colored branding for cart bases/lids. Fine detail appears sharp and crisp. Otto’s customers can choose from one to any number of colors and design a full color resin graphic that accurately displays their branding in a high quality format and can count on the most durable graphic available.

“Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation has proven to be an invaluable business partner when it comes to decorating Otto containers. The Polyfuze Graphic meets or exceeds the durability standards, appearance requirements, and UV tests of the plastics industry. As importantly, as a customer, the folks at Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp. consistently provide support above and beyond our expectations, helping us with issues and working with our staff to train on the Polyfuze Graphic process. It is exciting to be able to offer our customers multi-colored graphics and the ability to stand out in a white foil world!”

-Kathy Tudor,
Graphics Designer, Otto Environmental Systems North America, Inc.


Recently introduced by Otto, ColorFUSE cart branding (utilizing the Polyfuze Graphic) revolutionizes cart decorations! Customer reactions have been extremely positive. Throughout the history of the plastics industry, manufacturers have been trying to permanently decorate polyethylene. Because the resin graphic and the plastic cart become one during the application process, the graphic has the same characteristics as the base material. This means unsurpassed durability and minimum color fade. The graphic cannot be scratched off, peeled off, or chemically removed; it is essentially tattooed or fused into the plastic. Polyfuze Graphics™ Corp. continues to provide Otto with creative ideas on applications and the successful implementation of full color resin graphics.

Pictured above: Otto Millennium residential cart with 3 color Polyfuze Graphic for the company Patriot Disposal.

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