Case Study.

How Polyfuze & Mold In Graphics partnered with the leading Lawn & Garden brands to innovate branding and safety on commercial-grade lawn mowers.

Executive Summary

Lawnmower Branding & Safety Labels

Mold In Graphics® and Polyfuze® revolutionized the commercial-grade lawnmower market by offering unique, branded solutions that comply with stringent safety and warning standards. Utilizing their innovative Polymer Fusion Technology, they provide durable, compliant, and customizable markings crucial for both brand differentiation and user safety. This case study examines the transformative impact of this technology, demonstrating its crucial role in enabling product differentiation, regulatory compliance, and enhanced safety.


Lawnmower Brands Seek Enhanced Label Solutions

In the pursuit of innovation, Mold In Graphics® and Polyfuze® aim to distinguish their offerings through enhanced branding and safety features. The market includes numerous established companies such as John Deere and Scag, along with others like Exmark, Gravely, Toro, Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Scag Power Equipment, Ferris, and Kubota. Currently, Mold In Graphics® and Polyfuze® do business with industry leaders such as Toro, Bad Boy Mowers, Scag, Hustler, and Wright Mowers.

The Problem

Why Labels Don't Stay on Lawnmower Plastics

The ambition to enhance branding and safety posed significant challenges: finding a technology capable of enduring the harsh outdoor environment without degradation, fading, or damage, while meeting stringent safety standards. Traditional adhesive labels often fail under these conditions. For example, permanent adhesive-based labeling on a brand-new riding lawnmower at Home Depot showed signs of cracking and lifting after only a short period in the Arizona sun, violating ANSI/OPEI B71.1-2017 standards. Additionally, from 2013 through 2015, an average of 35,000 people were treated annually in hospital emergency rooms for walk-behind power mower injuries, underscoring the critical need for enhanced safety measures. While manufacturers attempt to shift some responsibility to end users through maintenance clauses, they remain primarily accountable for the safety of their products. Ensuring durable and clearly visible safety labels, combined with proactive consumer education, can significantly reduce the risk of injury and subsequent liability issues.

The Solution

The Best Way to Label Commercial-Grade Lawnmowers

Mold In Graphics® provided an innovative solution with their Polymer Fusion Technology, designed for polyolefin thermoplastics. This technology ensures labels form a durable bond with the surface, showing no appreciable loss of adhesion or legibility during weathering exposure or exposure to spilled fuel or oil. Evaluations confirmed compliance with relevant safety standards, showcasing non-fading, durable, and highly visible markings that meet international requirements.

The Result

Polymer Fusion Labels Set New Industry Standards In Commercial-Grade Lawnmowers

The integration of Polymer Fusion Technology has set new industry standards for branding and safety in commercial-grade lawnmowers. Several used 2013 mowers, including Bad Boy, Toro, and Wright models, feature Polymer Fusion branding. Despite years of rigorous use and exposure to harsh conditions, the branding on these mowers remains intact and legible, demonstrating the exceptional durability of this technology.

The Solution: Polymer Fusion Labeling

The Solution: Polymer Fusion Labeling

The Solution: Polymer Fusion Labeling

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Written By:

Matthew Stevenson

Published On:

May 30, 2024