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Top Companies To Visit At NPE 2024 Plastics Show In Orlando

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), have produced the NPE: Plastics Show to be the largest trade show hub for industries worldwide to come together in promotion and understanding of new plastics innovation and sustainability efforts.

Taking place from May 6 through May 10th in Orlando, Florida, this 2024 year’s event will be jam packed with diverse companies and suppliers to meet up with show exhibitors and visitors for discovering opportunities to improve your company operations.

With so many top companies to visit at NPE 2024, who should you plan to visit at the show? Well, we want to break our priority list down for our top companies to visit and what to gain from visiting them.


Polyfuze Suggests Visiting These Top Companies At NPE:



Booth# W8483  –  in West Hall level 2  –  instron.com

While researching replacement materials for parachutes, two scientists discovered that no testing machine was accurate enough to meet their demands. They founded Instron in 1946, and pioneered universal testing machines featuring strain-gauge load cells. Instron systems evaluate the mechanical properties of materials and structures using tensile, compression, flexural, fatigue, impact, dynamic, torsional and multi-axial loading. Through a global infrastructure, Instron offers a broad range of service capabilities, including calibration, verification, training, technical support, and assistance with laboratory management. View Instron on the map here.

Edgewater Automation

Booth# S22205  –  in South Hall Level 1   –  edgewaterautomation.com

Edgewater Automation designs and builds custom automation equipment for a wide variety of industries. The company has locations in Michigan and South Carolina, where engineering, machining, and building all take place. Featured on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America, Edgewater Automation is constantly improving and growing in talent, experience, and technology. ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality Management System and an RIA Certified Robotic Integrator. View Edgewater on the map here.

Jamestown Plastics

Booth# S19207  –  in South Hall Level 1  – 

As one of the most highly diversified custom plastic companies in the world, Jamestown Plastics has been solving customer’s problems since 1958. Our extensive experience in multiple industries allows us to bring innovation into the design and process solutions for our customers. Three facilities provide duplicate manufacturing capabilities and achieve logistical and geographical advantages, while creating a more robust supply chain for our customers. View the video to see if we may have a solution for you. View Jamestown plastics on the map here.

20/20 Custom Molded Plastic

Booth# S35027  –  in South Hall Level 11  –  2020cmp.com

20/20 Custom Molded Plastics is a fully custom molding company that caters to both the low-pressure multi-nozzle injection molding segment and the high-pressure injection molding sector within the plastics industry. Their product development team brings expertise in manufacturing, which integrates the design, engineering, and quality control disciplines for superior part performance and cost effectiveness. Their strength is in developing new applications in structural foam for cost savings. View 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics on the map here.

Sabic Manufacturing

Booth# S19005  –  in South Hall Level 1  –  sabic.com

Sabic Manufacturing are global application and development experts assisting with material selection from a broad portfolio of plastics, but also providing support in designing and validating your application and determining the right manufacturing process to meet requirements for the final parts. Sabic provides a number of proven solutions based on their materials with examples from multiple end-user markets, including advanced packaging, building & construction, consumer goods, electrical & electronics, hygiene & healthcare and transportation. Learn more about their TRUCIRCLE™ portfolio of circular materials and services. View Sabic on the map here.

Top Companies To visit at NPE 2024 Plastics SHow in OrlandoIf your attending the NPE2024 show in Florida, take a look at the companies mentioned above or map your show here. Also of course, our Polyfuze Graphics Corporation Team is attending as well. Stop by booth #S37197 to grab a free tote from us, take a seat, and chat!

Or if you can’t attend the show, leave us an inquiry here and we’ll reach out to you after the show.

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