SOCO Waste Stands Out From The Crowd With Polymer Fusion Labeling

Noelle Daigle

Dec, 23 December, 2020

Family-owned businesses are the backbone of the American Economy, and the numbers back that claim up: “Family-owned businesses in America generate 60% of the country’s employment and 78% of all new job creation.” (the Conway Center for Family-owned Business).

Family businesses often lead the way in new product innovation, are invested in the livelihoods of their employees, and will continually put their life savings on the line, going above and beyond to keep the business alive and growing.

Among the ranks of this collective group is SOCO Waste. A family-owned and operated residential waste service based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The founder and owner of SOCO Waste, Dustin Maze, had worked hard in the waste industry for years prior to the start of his own business. He gained extensive experience, and loved what he did for a living, soaking up the chance to work outdoors and a job that allowed him to stay in shape.

He used his experience in the industry to start his own venture in January of 2016. The only set back was the cost to get into the residential portion of the waste industry.

Like so many family-owned businesses, he started from humble beginnings and used will and determination to achieve his goals. “I had to start small and work my way there.” Starting with only one truck and five dumpsters, he and his team provided honest, reliable and professional service. They have now grown to over fifty dumpsters servicing two to three thousand customers a year.

SOCO Waste and Polyfuze Graphics met because Dustin was looking for a permanent way to brand his waste containers. He said, “I was looking for something different than what you would usually see on the streets. I did not want the old one-color labels on my cans. I wanted them to represent our brand while standing out to the neighbors and passerby.”

Branding with Polymer Fusion Labels has helped SOCO Waste stand out from the competition and they believe they have acquired many customers from it in their first 4 weeks by placing over 600 cans!” 

What sets Polymer Fusion Labeling apart from other typical labeling technologies?

“We believe the branding helps us stand out as a premium residential waste service. One of the main benefits to the labeling would be saving labor. We do not have to pay an employee to apply stickers to the cans and we don’t have excess waste.” Branding with Polymer Fusion Labels has helped SOCO Waste stand out from the competition. Dustin believes they have acquired many customers just by switching their labeling technology, and have placed over 600 new cans since utilizing Polymer Fusion Labeling.

Typical labeling technologies may work great for materials like steel or other metal surfaces, but they are completely incompatible with all low surface energy plastics.

Low surface energy plastics are what most companies like SOCO Waste or other waste industry manufacturers or businesses utilize. It’s an affordable, durable, strong, chemically and environmentally resistant material.

Polymer Fusion Labels achieve what typical labeling technologies cannot. They are not comprised of any inks, substrates, or adhesives, which are incompatible materials for all low surface energy plastics.

Instead, the Polymer labels are, (exactly as the name implies) constructed of the same compatible polyolefin plastic as the surface they fuse into.

Using heat and pressure, they fuse molecularly into the subsurface of the plastic and become an integral part of the container, quite literally branding the container for life.  As a bonus, the labels also take on the same attributes of the polyolefin plastic products as mentioned above, they’re affordable (they never need to be replaced for the life of the part), durable, strong, chemically and environmentally resistant.

They are quite literally a tattoo for your plastic container and Polymer Fusion Labels can be used to decorate, barcode, or provide safety/warning/medical waste information for the life of the part for any polyolefin-based containers such as

  • Curbside Roll-Out Carts
  • Medical Waste Containers
  • Recycling Bins
  • Hazardous Waste Containers
  • Dumpsters

SOCO Waste is another incredible family-owned business, started from humble beginnings, hard work, and determination. Dustin Maze is seeking to provide the best service and quality for his customers and is doing his part to help keep the “backbone” of the American Economy strong. Polyfuze Graphics is proud to assist him in helping his dreams come to fruition, ensuring that SOCO Waste containers will always be set apart from their competition and that their brand image will never fail out in the field.

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