R.S. Quality Products Partner With Polyfuze

Noelle Daigle

Mar, 2 March, 2021

R.S. Quality Products (RSQ) is a family-run color coded cleaning tool manufacturer and distributor that is proud to work with those in food manufacturing, brewing, pharmaceuticals and more to keep their facilities clean, up to code, and running efficiently.

With almost 30 years of experience and close relationships across industries, R.S. Quality Products can provide the highest-quality sanitation tools by sourcing top products and even creating their own. Their customer base extends across the United States and includes both large and small food and beverage processors.

The company was started in 1991 when Robert Serfas, an industrial brush salesman, had a radical notion that he could do more for his customers than just offer brushes – he could help them solve problems, so they could get back to doing what they do best. 

So, he started his own company, RSQ, with a single truck and a typewriter. He included “quality” in the name as a promise to his customers. A promise the company takes great pride in keeping today.

“Quality is what we source, what we provide, and what we believe in. While it always begins with offering customers like you the highest quality products, to us, quality is a way of life, and it inspires everything we do,” said Adam Serfas, Owner and President of RSQ.

R.S. Quality finds joy in helping people. People who care that their customers are safe when they go to their favorite restaurant for a bite to eat, when they enjoy their freshly brewed beers, pick up a prescription at their pharmacy, or buy groceries from their corner stores.

When it comes to their labeling technology for their products, hygienics is of utmost importance to them.

Previously they had their logo built into the product through the mold, as a raised portion of the product. This was not the most sanitary solution for their clients working in hygiene-sensitive areas.

They heard about Polyfuze through their partner molder, Metro plastics. They both source tools and make tools to be used for cleaning, material handling, and more in hygiene sensitive areas.

They heard about Polyfuze through their partner molder, Metro plastics. They both source tools and make tools to be used for cleaning, material handling, and more in hygiene sensitive areas.

Many of their customers are in the food industry, where it’s essential that any tool they use is made in the most hygienic manner possible.

“We saw a need for a better handle to be used with cleaning tools, so we made a hygienic one-piece handle ourselves, “ said Mr. Serfas.

The Hygienic One-Piece Handle is a standard threaded polypropylene handle that was the result of over a year’s worth of work. The idea was born out of the need for a tool to fit customers’ needs, so RSQ developed their own, color-coded, seamless, and made from fully FDA-compliant materials.

“We’re proud of what we achieved. For that result, it is nice to put our name to our product and to know that, in doing so, we are not diminishing the hygienic quality, which is so essential. We’re also glad to see that the label has held up quite nicely with use, which is great as this is a product that is designed to be used frequently and for a long time to come by our customers.”

It is fully colored for their clients that use color-coding plans for plant safety, and, most importantly, it is designed in such a way that there are no grooves or seams (places that debris and bacteria could hide).

To live up to that promise of quality and cleanliness in every way, they needed to be able to put their logo on the handle without adding any disruption to the surface of the handle. For that reason, they decided to use Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology from Polyfuze.

“With this option, we know that our label is safe, secure, smooth, and won’t come off under any circumstance,” said Mr. Serfas.

The reason Polymer Fusion Labeling can fuse permanently into the plastic handle while also helping preserve the integrity of sanitization, is because Polymer Fusion Labels do not utilize any incompatible materials. They do not use inks, substrates, or any adhesives. They are comprised of 100% compatible olefin material that will fuse molecularly into the subsurface of the plastic part and become like a tattoo for that plastic.

They are therefore able to take on the same characteristics that plastic inherently possesses.  Fusion Labels are chemically inert/resistant, can withstand repeated harsh chemical cleanings and autoclave processes, are UV resistant, and expand with extreme hot and cold temperatures just like the plastic medical container does. They are fully and repeatedly able to be sanitized, which is vital for a company such as RSQ. 

The result is that the label and the plastic part become one solid piece that work together cohesively, with no compromise to structural integrity or durability.

Because they are able to be repeatably and reliably sanitized with harsh chemicals without fear of label failure, the the cleanliness of the handle and part, while simultaneously preserving brand integrity.

Because of R.S Quality’s commitment to quality, as the name suggests, ensuring the integrity of the hygienic nature of the products is essential, so, for that reason, the label is very important. It has held up well with use, which is great as this is a high-quality product, and a label that rubbed off with use would not only be less hygienic but would diminish the overall quality perception of the handle. 

Polyfuze Graphics is proud to provide 100% compatible, FDA compliant, recyclable labels to R.S. Quality as they continue to demonstrate commitment to their customers with high quality, safe products that help their customers in their daily lives and jobs.

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