Polyfuze Labels Improve Message For Waste Management Containers

Noelle Daigle

Mar, 6 March, 2019

Properly identifying your waste management products ensures that your image or message will remain highly visible to the communities you serve for the lifetime of your products. But what is the best method for labeling your waste management plastic products?

While choosing a durable labeling method for your waste management products, it’s important to pay attention to the labeling methods for plastics that claim to be permanent.

If your waste management products are polyolefin based, they will “repel” any type of labeling method that uses adhesion. This means you will be left with a product with an indistinguishable or fallen-off label, due to inevitable weathering, UV, chemicals, or just simply time.

In short, your waste management product will be left without it’s message and identity, not to mention all the wasted time and money and labor, only to have it fall off or fade beyond recognition!

Midway City Sanitary District (located in Orange County, California) has been providing solid waste and sewer collections for the Westminster and Midway communities for 80 years, and recently worked with Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation to ensure that their image would remain branded on their waste management products for the lifetime of the waste containers themselves, permanently bringing awareness to the services they provide to their customers.

The Polyfuze Graphics® are detailed to highlight important information, such as which types of waste go into which plastic containers, and bring awareness to special programs Midway City Sanitary District provides for their customers.
So allowing the labels to fall off or fade is not an option!

The Midway City Sanitary District General Manager, Ken Robbins, said they previously used stickers on their waste containers in order to help educate the public about their services, and what type of waste goes in which containers (they are color coded for specific types of waste).
Unfortunately, the stickers would only last about a year and were very “labor intensive.”
Not to mention the wasted money and time to apply them in the first place, only to have them fall off a year later.

Ken said, “Polyfuze labeling technology for waste and recycling carts has helped the District educate the residents and also reduced our labor costs.”

Ken described several programs the Midway City Sanitary District participates in, including several clean up events each year, a complementary pick-up of two “bulky” items monthly, used oil and filter drop off, and a program they developed called “Helping Hands.”

This particular program is designed to improve the quality of life for those who may have difficulty pushing their waste containers to the road for weekly service, such as seniors and those with disabilities. The truck drivers will get out of their trucks, push and empty the waste containers, and return them back to their designated locations.

Since Midway City Sanitary District provides several essential and important services in their communities, they need to know they can rely on the labeling method they choose to permanently express the identity, message, and brand image of their company.

Midway was working with Otto Environmental Systems to find new solutions. Otto’s experience with consistent labeling, brand messaging and waste management products led Midway City Sanitary District to Polyfuze Graphics as an option. Otto had a shared vision in helping the enhancement of the designs for Midway’s messaging on the carts to create a lasting message to their customers. Otto brought new durable plastic labeling to the limelight for Midway.

Also, the decision to switch to Polyfuze permanent labeling technology for their polyethylene plastic waste containers stemmed from the District’s goal of wanting “to do more than just provide a way to get in contact us.” They aimed  “to help each resident know what types of waste go into each container through words and pictures that will last the life of each container.”

When branding their products to showcase out in the field to customers, they care about the company brand image that is represented on the product. The Midway City Sanitary District wanted to express to it’s customers that they “stand for high quality, cost-effective service for their residents, and to help keep rates low by relying on proper, permanent labeling to help customers place solid waste items in the correct containers.”

Choosing a durable, reliable, and truly permanent labeling method, like Midway City Sanitary District did, ensures that the public you serve understands your identity, your message, and your services, and that your brand won’t “fade” or disappear due to the elements or time, like other labeling methods do.

Like Midway City Sanitary District, your services deserve the best method for labeling waste management & recycling carts. If you’d like to understand how a Polyfuze Graphic label is different from other labeling methods, please contact us today so we can explain how this labeling technology for plastics can improve your business.

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