Polyfuze Labeling Plastic Tool Handles

Noelle Daigle

Jun, 22 June, 2017

Tools, if used correctly and often, are going to get dinged, tossed around and tested for their durability in and out of the toolbox. One thing that many people might look for when reaching for the next chisel, scraper tool, pry bar or punch tool would be their favorite branded tool, over the generic backup tool. The gifted or hand-me down toolset has sentimental value from a family member or friend and needs to stay in the tool box and it is appreciated. At the same time, you know you want to reach for the trusty old hand tool of choice that withstood many tests of time.

At Polyfuze Graphics® Corp., sister company to Mold In Graphic Systems®, we appreciate good tools, machinery and equipment to help complete the job aimed within the highest quality possible with the least amount of strenuous effort. Since teaming up with Mayhew Steel Products™, we’ve discovered that is exactly what Mayhew Steel Products has created for pros and any user. The name Mayhew has been a trusted tool brand that technicians have reached for since 1856 and it has provided performance and reliability for day-to-day use.

You don’t have to be the professional shop worker, roofer, drywall installer, local carpenter or auto mechanic to appreciate a good set of tools to help you get the job done right the first time. Anyone can appreciate a handy tool and as the saying goes, the job can’t be done right without a proper set of tools.

What stands out from Mayhew is the MayhewPro Series, Dominator® line of tools. These tools have a special two-composite handle design that provides comfort and grip. The capped end of the handle is hardened tempered-steel that runs through the handle. These MayhewPro Dominator hand tools are made to be hammered with direct contact right on the capped end. This allows the user to strike the tool without damaging the handle. This kind of use places the tools in a rigorous work environment leaving Mayhew Steel Products Company in search of the handle labeling that was going to last.

Another line of tools that has partnered up with Polyfuze Graphics for its branding project is the Mac Tools® line. Great performance from Mac Tools has matched up with our permanent labeling technology to last in the garage and on high performance race tracks for motorsports.

The Polyfuze HT labeling technology was sought after from Mayhew and Mac Tools to help maintain their branding quality and there name on the handles of the Dominator and Mac Tools product lines. They needed something that could replace the previous pad printing process that was failing after use in rigorous work environments.

Haley Connelley, a Manufacturing Engineer from Mayhew said, “The Polyfuze Graphics® work well for us as we needed a method to brand our Dominator Handles in-house. This labeling process enabled us to use existing hot stamping equipment to apply the labels to our product. We traditionally sent handles to an outside facility for pad printing, which adds time to the manufacturing process. By utilizing an in-house labeling process, we are able to save time and money.”

If you see the MayhewPro series Dominator Tools or Mac Tools online, you can trust that the brand quality will last with its name standing out with its long-lasting use. Polyfuze Graphics thanks Mayhew and Mac Tools for the opportunity to brand their project for durability.

Click here for more questions on the Polyfuze graphic and what it can do for your brand today. View news on Mayhew Dominator tools here or view more on Mac Tools here.

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