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Polyfuze At The Michigan Battery And EV Technology Expo

On September 14, 15 and 16, Polyfuze Graphics Corporation attended a dual event; “The Battery Show” and “Electric / Hybrid Vehicle and Technology Expo” in Michigan.

This double feature expo was held at Novi Michigan’s Suburban Collection Showplace and featured over 600 exhibitors. The team from Polyfuze Graphics Corporation met with several companies who showed an interest in Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology to solve challenges they face when trying to label plastic.

When asked to share some of the problems manufacturers are having, the most common reply was cost associated with label durability, but several companies also found it very interesting and potentially beneficial that Polyfuze could also help them eliminate secondary steps in their production process such as pretreating that is normally associated with preparing a surface for a decal used on plastic.

All were intrigued to learn that unlike traditional labeling methods like pressure sensitive labels, hot stamping, pad printing, heat transfers or in-mold labeling; Polymer Fusion Labeling from Polyfuze literally fuses into Low Surface Energy (LSE) olefin plastic on a subsurface level.

Marty Mares (on left) speaks at Battery & EV Technology Expo.
Matthew Stevenson - President of Polyfuze Graphics Corp. (on left) with Marty Mares.

As part of the event, Polyfuze VP of Branding and Commercial Development / Marty Mares was a featured Speaker on the topic of Regulatory Requirements of Labeling Polyolefin: Past, Present and Future. The summary of this presentation was simple; Industry Standards need to be updated, and new Technologies Need to be developed and recognized.

Why? Because, Industry Standards being used for labeling Low Surface Energy (LSE) olefin plastic, were written decades ago when steel and aluminum were the dominant materials used in world-wide manufacturing. During the past few decades however, Low Surface Energy (LSE) plastic has replaced metal in most areas of manufacturing. This is mostly polymers like polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE).

Equally important to the need for Industry Standards to be updated, new technologies like Polymer Fusion Labeling should be understood by folks in the Electric Vehicle industry who would benefit from the value proposition of a brand or warning label that is guaranteed to remain in place for the life of any durable product made from Low Surface Energy (LSE) olefin plastic.

Polymer Fusion Labeling by Polyfuze is currently featured on over 20 vehicle platforms and counting in the automotive industry.

To learn why companies like GM and Ford have chosen this unique new technology, contact Polyfuze Graphics Corporation at 928-634-8888.

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