Polyfuze Graphics and MIGS Open Satellite Office In Troy Michigan

Noelle Daigle

Mar, 11 March, 2020

Having clear goals to grow as an organization is important, all the time. Whether you’re feeling the pressure of the trying times that cause necessary “strengthening” in the low valleys, or enjoying the earned successes of the mountain peaks, it’s part of the process of growth. No matter where you find yourself, or your company, or your career along this path, don’t rest there, keep moving forward.

One way that Polyfuze Graphics® Corporation (PGC) and sister company Mold In Graphics Systems® (MIGS) are showing that they are committed to continuous improvement is by actively pursuing completion of ISO 9001 certification by the second quarter.

Company wide Six Sigma training is already showing its merits, as every manager in the company is dedicated to receiving their Green Belt certification and some are committed to reaching their Master Black Belt.

By achieving ISO 9001 certification, PGC and MIGS are setting themselves up on the global stage as a company that values a consistent, internationally recognized set of standards designed to promote the highest of quality management that will keep track of internal processes that are meant to achieve excellence within the company, with the end result being increased value and quality of service to current and future customers.

Another way that PGC is pursuing excellence, is by valuable partnerships. The company has a secondary agency operating out of a satellite office in the state of Michigan, located in the offices of Global ACS Inc. (Global Automotive Component Sales Inc).

Headquartered out of Troy, Michigan, and additional offices in Knoxville, Tennessee, the Global ACS Inc. Team is backed by over 30 years of successful experience in the Automotive Supplier Industry.

John MacDonald, Director of Automotive Business for Global ACS Inc. had this to say about what his company brings to the Automotive Industry:

“We provide business partnering and support services to the Automotive Industry. Offering extensive knowledge in Automotive OEM design, engineering, purchasing, production, quality procedures, and protocols.”

For the past 30 years, Global ACS Inc. has been providing a wide array of services to the industry ranging from sales, new business development, program management, new supplier approval process, new product launch, and liaison engineering support.

This is an exciting move for PGC, because in already supplying fusion labeling for plastics for several Automotive Giants including GM and Ford, the company is now able to provide more direct service and training to their customers and future customers by having an office located within minutes of these companies.

When asked why he decided to partner with Polyfuze Graphics, John said he believed that “this technology, with a successful track record of solving delamination of labeling plastics, will help the automotive industry overcome the old-school process of pressure sensitive labels that delaminate over time and come off.”

With Global ACS Inc. committed to offering technical solutions to molders and automotive industry experts, PGC labeling technology is one more tool he can offer as a solution for thermoplastic olefin products in the industry he serves.

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