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Man Achieves American Dream with Breakthrough Labeling Technology

If you’re curious about what others are saying about the World’s Only Fusion Labeling Technology, you’ve come to the right place. Before you click on any links, we want to express that as incredibly awesome and as much of an honor as it is to be featured by such prestigious publications as Forbes, Society of Plastics Engineers, or Plastics today, our number one priority is to provide you with information, service, and products that far exceed your expectations.

No matter what brought you to this page, our goal is to make sure you leave it feeling a little more knowledgeable about how what we do for a living, can make what you do for a living, that much easier.

Our most recent feature in Forbes is one of our favorites to date. (View Article here)

Whether you’re looking for in depth data reports on permanency and durability standards for labeling, or are curious about our latest technological advances in Fusion Labeling Technology, (including the VersaFlex Labeling System), browse the below links to learn more about how the World’s Only Fusion Technology for Labeling Plastics is designed to make help make your daily work life that much smoother.

The life work of Mold In Graphic Systems founder, Michael Stevenson, is detailed by Forbes contributor Jim Vinoski, explaining how the technology that he invented in the 80’s is continuing to help our customers worldwide today.

It’s the true story of his beginnings in a tiny, 400 square foot garage, with nothing more than an idea and the determination to succeed.

He spent the next seven years building that idea into reality, through lots of hard work and trial and error.  

This story is for anyone who needs a little extra motivation to make their dream a reality, or that little boost of hope to know that if you refuse to give up, you CAN achieve what you dream of.

View other featured articles about us with the Society of Plastics Engineers, Plastics Today, Plastics Machinery Magazine and Plastics Technology Online here “In The News”.

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