A Letter To Everyone Who Is Fighting

Noelle Daigle

Mar, 31 March, 2020

We are all fighting this beast of a virus in some way. Some of you are isolated at home, protected, but lives feeling upended, navigating the home schooling of children and rationing the supplies. Some of you are watching business ramp up, as companies in the private sector have all hands on deck, struggling with all of your might to produce desperately needed supplies to support those on the front lines.

Some of you are watching that boat sail, as jobs and careers disintegrate, and seem to vanish like smoke in the breeze. Many of you, as entrepreneurs, are feeling sick to your stomach, wondering how you will pay employees, how you will stay open, or whether you will be able to pick up the pieces and start over when the virus is finally vanquished.

Some of you have already seen your vulnerable loved ones trying to fight this invisible enemy, pleading with God to please, please just protect them.

Some of you are on the front lines, in the trenches. Forcing your own fight or flight instinct to the back of your mind, pushing forward to keep food and supplies stocked, to offer every ounce of your energy to heal those in the hospitals, to comfort worried family members, to deliver supplies to keep the country functioning.

Some of you are fighting back waves of anxiety when you say goodbye to your loved one, who is heading bravely out to his or her own personal battlefield.

What we are seeing is honestly kind of incredible, in a way. It reveals how connected we truly are to each other. In seemingly one fell swoop, in a matter of days, we are all in the same arena, struggling for the same reasons, fighting towards the same goals, the same dreams, and the same freedoms.

I’ve never received nor sent so many work emails, with the message, “We hope and pray you and your team are safe and healthy…”

We are strangers, but one event has caused so many to come together out of necessity.

It’s scary. It’s beyond hard to fight something we can’t see, and when we don’t know for sure how long we will be fighting it. But this too, shall pass, and we truly are all in this together. That is where our strength will come from.

And in being together, we have witnessed the truth that so many people are revealing about themselves…that they contain within themselves the ability to become heroes.

We are witnessing people and companies become extremely innovative and creative, harnessing all the capabilities of technology and ingenuity they possess to forge a lighted path into the darkness, using their resources and skills to produce supplies at never before seen rates for the medical sector, and for those affected by the pandemic.

Teams of people are developing inventions specifically designed to save lives, to help slow the spread, to help keep people safe while they try to go about their lives.

Strangers and neighbors are offering to pick up and deliver groceries for the vulnerable, to share supplies with those who are lacking, and checking in on each other.

We are witnessing firsthand, thousands of everyday, exceptional people, selflessly putting their own health last, while they devote every fiber of their being to save complete strangers.

To everyone who is fighting…we at Mold In Graphic Systems and Polyfuze Graphics Corporation just want to say thank you.

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