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How To Master Branding In The Poultry & Meat Industry

A Fast Growing Industry

Poultry is one of the largest and fastest-growing agricultural sectors globally today.

“The global poultry market reached a value of nearly $319.2 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.1% to nearly $405 billion by 2023 and $645.7 billion by 2030.” 

While there are many important types of labels and regulations that must be carefully adhered to in this fast-growing industry, the growth rate of this industry shows that it’s equally as important to ensure your branding efforts are keeping up.

Brand Identity

In the meat and poultry industry, for example, granting consumers transparency allows companies to truthfully tell their customers where their meat comes from, what’s in it, and why they can feel good about buying and eating it. This can in turn positively impact consumer loyalty as they will stick with the brands they trust.

Traceability also provides an opportunity for logistical efficiency for meat and poultry producers and the reusable packaging containers used to transport them.

If a batch is contaminated, for instance, traceability improves control and management so it can be isolated and disposed of.

Package traceability allows companies to verify container contents, point of origin, final destination, and everything in between during the journey.

Branding is not just your logo; it’s marketing yourself in a way that makes your brand name and logo are the instantly recognizable image of your brand identity and the symbol of your business in the mind of the consumer that ultimately sets your products apart from your competition.

In the meat and poultry industry, differentiating yourself with branding can greatly and positively influence public perception in terms of quality, consistency, company value perception, and transparency in how poultry is raised, processed, and marketed.

Consumers increasingly want to know where their poultry and meat are coming from. They also want to know that they’re purchasing poultry from companies that are ethical and sustainable.

Transparency Is Vital To A Positive Brand Image

How to Master Branding In The Poultry & Meat Industry Transparency and your company story can be very intertwined.

In the meat and poultry industry, consumers and shoppers increasingly want to know the origins of the meat and poultry they purchase.

Transparency and a strong brand image that conveys your story truthfully allows you to honestly tell customers where their meat comes from, what’s in it, and why they can feel good about buying and eating it.

It conveys your company story and identity in a way that leaves consumers feeling positive about why they should continue to purchase from you and can promote brand loyalty which means customers for life.

Happy customers can also become brand advocates and the power of word-of-mouth will travel far as they tell their friends and family about why they trust and purchase from you.

A Cut Above the Competition

One way to help meet – and exceed – consumer desires is through branding.

Brand names and logos are of course advertised throughout typical marketing channels such as ads, commercials, or social media, but can be even more consumer-driven when utilized as labeling on finished products.

Labeling that represents your story, values, and transparency can be a very good thing.

On the other hand, if your labeling is failing, dirty, difficult to read, or doesn’t effectively tell your story, it can leave a nonexistent or even negative impact on consumers.

The Impact of Label Failure on Brand Identity

Labels often fail because of the type of material they’re trying to adhere to.
Meat and poultry containers are predominantly made of a low surface energy material called polyolefin thermoplastics. Polyolefin thermoplastics (primarily polyethylene and polypropylene) account for more than 55% of global plastics demand.

The performance properties of these versatile plastics make them the choice material for branded durable products (aka “durables”) within many industries.

Traditional label supplier claims of label permanency on polyolefin thermoplastics are questionable at best, and downright deceptive when viewed with a closer lens.

Real-world results prove that traditional labeling methods are continuously failing their Brand Recognition and Brand Image duty on polyolefin thermoplastic products, parts and components that are depended upon every day.

Failed labeling on a product of course can result in total Brand Recognition loss, but it’s almost worse to have damaged labeling that blemishes and harms Brand Image and Perception of Value in the mind of the consumer about your brand and products.
For years, this has been a major problem for manufacturers. However, there is a better Branding alternative!

Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology

Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology from Polyfuze Graphics Corporation is the science of merging two separate polyolefin thermoplastic polymers together (polyolefin label + polyolefin product) utilizing melting point, time, and pressure, producing a singular piece of plastic without the use of adhesives, tie layers, bonding agents or secondary surface treatments.

Polymer Fusion Technology was specifically engineered for perfect compatibility with polyolefin thermoplastic products, parts, and components to deliver unrivaled lifelong performance.

During application, the Polymer Fusion Label and polyolefin thermoplastic product simultaneously reach melting point causing a “fusion reaction.”

The result is a permanent Brand Name or Logo on plastic that cannot be lifted, separated or removed for the life of the product no matter the environment or exposure.
For Branding where longevity, durability, and permanence matter most, Polyfuze’s industry-leading Lifetime Guarantee means peace of mind knowing Polymer Fusion Technology has YOU and your BRAND’s back for the life of every product your customers use and come into contact with.

Because Polyfuze views your Branding efforts as an investment vs. a cost, every one of your polyolefin thermoplastic durable meat and poultry products that proudly wears your brand name & logo should do so in the most permanent and durable way, accurately telling your story, sparking emotion, and turning prospects into customers for life.

To learn more about permanent branding labels for meat and poultry containers, call us today at 928-634-8888.

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