High Performance Graphics for High Performance Products

Noelle Daigle

Aug, 28 August, 2015

Eddy Plowman at C&A Pro Skis required a graphic that would perform equally as well as his high performance products. Here at Polyfuze Graphics Corporation we truly pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality graphics for a wide variety of industries. Industries requiring permanent, durable, outlasting graphics for their olefin based products.

C&A Pro Skis has experienced just that. “C&A Pro Skis manufacture one of the most flexible and indestructible skis on the market. Whether you are a hard-core pro/semi pro in snocross, endurance cross country, freestyle, watercross, boondocking in the back country, hill climbing, or a recreational enthusiast of powder, crossover and trail, they have a ski that fits your style!”

This clearly is why they looked to us here at Polyfuze, to not only streamline their decorating process, but to also provide them with graphics that are going to outperform and outlast any rival decorating method on the market today. C&A Pro Skis experienced a reduction in application time, a reduction in cost and also increased their outgoing quality.

“Our experiences with Polyfuze Graphics staff and product has been exceptional. They are easy to work with, technically resourceful, thorough and responsive. Polyfuze Graphics helped C&A Pro Skis transition from a cumbersome manual process to an automated application. This change reduced our costs significantly and increased our out-going quality. Polyfuze Graphics went above and beyond in numerous ways. Their staff became a part of our team and were equally committed to keeping our automation project on track… We would highly recommend Polyfuze Graphics as your supplier of choice.” – Eddy Plowman, C&A Pro Skis

Does your olefin based product need high performance graphics? Please give us a call today to discuss how your company and products can reap the same benefits as C&A Pro Skis.

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Easy To Apply - Polyfuze Labeling Using the VERSAFLEX System

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