Future Proofing Durable Goods For Waste & Recycling, Medical Or Cleaning With Polyfuze

Noelle Daigle

Jul, 2 July, 2020

Many Waste, Recycling, Sanitation, Biohazard/Medical Waste manufactures and companies are experiencing problems when it comes to labeling their low surface energy polyolefin plastics. The reason they experience problems, is because typical labeling technologies are comprised of a multi-layer construction, consisting of a combination of adhesives, substrates, inks, and protective coatings to try to make the label “stick” to the surface of the plastic.

Because low surface energy plastics possess a similar level of surface energy to Teflon, trying to stick a sticker, hot stamp, or In Mold Labels to plastics has the same exact result as trying to stick a sticker or label to a Teflon pan: it won’t work.

This is where Polyfuze Fusion Labeling deviates completely from all other labeling technologies out there. They don’t require or use any inks, substrates, protective layers, or adhesives.


They’re just 100% polyolefin plastic, that fuse 100% into the plastic part and the two become one solid piece, with no change or decrease in structural integrity or durability. Simply put, this is a technology that addresses the root of the problem, (low surface energy of plastic), rather than trying to adhere to a surface (like a sticker or hot stamp), that will continually reject it.

Though we offer labeling when it comes to your branding needs, we also understand that when it comes to the Waste, Recycling, and Sanitation Industry specifically, there are unique reasons that companies and manufacturers require labeling that will last for the life of the part.

It could be a need to have permanent warning, safety, sanitation instructions, biohazard or medical waste, or recycling labeling. No matter what your needs are, Polyfuze Fusion Labeling is the only label that can offer permanent results that will not need to be replaced for the life of the part.

When label failure occurs, it means that your waste bin, trash can, or medical waste container that is marked by a label meant specifically to designate that receptacle for “recyclables only,” or “Biohazard Waste,” will eventually fail, by peeling, fading, falling off, and becoming impossible to read.

If this happens, the label isn’t performing the basic function its required to fulfill and becomes inadequate. Furthermore, the labels will likely fail and fall off in the environment where the trash can is located, meaning the label will actually contribute to littering and harming the environment it’s meant to help protect.

Another benefit of Polyfuze Fusion Labeling, is that each label is as recyclable as the plastic parts they fuse into. With other labeling technologies, you have to remove the label before you can recycle the plastic part, but Polyfuze Fusion Labels do not have to be removed and at the end of the product’s useful life, the whole part can be recycled without needing to go through any extra steps or processes to remove the label.

Another factor to think about is that as we live in a year that is marked by a worldwide pandemic, plastics and proper and permanent labeling of trash cans, waste bins, and medical or biohazard waste containers has become even more important.

For example, one of the ways Polyfuze Fusion Labeling Technology can measurably and effectively combat Healthcare Associated Infections or the spread of bacteria and disease, is by ensuring that all waste containers are properly labeled, legible, and visible for the life of the part.

Another way we can help combat the above-mentioned factors, is by offering a labeling technology that does not peel up, exposing gummy edges and adhesives where bacteria can actually be harbored and spread.

Once the Fusion Process is complete, a Polyfuze Graphic becomes fully flush with the plastic part, is just as easily sanitized as the plastic part itself, and is actually incapable of peeling up and exposing adhesive that can be a haven for bacteria to grow and thrive.

Polyfuze Graphics has also recently created a new antimicrobial product called PREVENT. The benefit of PREVENT is that it can be incorporated into the usual warning, medical waste, and biohazard labels offered by Polyfuze, while opening the door to creative “outside the box” uses such as labels for grab points on Sharps containers, lift points on waste bins, and more.

If you’re experiencing problems with failing safety, warning, medical waste, trash, biohazard, recycling, or sanitation labeling, or if you simply want to gain a competitive edge over your competition by offering a labeling technology to your customers that you can be sure will not contribute to the spread of bacteria, pathogens, or disease, give our Brand Specialists at Polyfuze Graphics a call. We can help you label your plastic trash can, medical waste, or biohazard container for the life of the part, just like we have been doing for our roll-out cart manufacturer customers such as Otto Environmental and Rehrig Pacific, or Haulers like Groot, Trash Taxi, Patriot Waste, and municipalities like Latrobe Pennsylvania and Midway City Sanitary District.

As a family founded, owned, and operating manufacturing plant in the United States, we continue to provide high quality solutions to the impossible challenge of permanently labeling low surface energy plastics, striving to exceed your standards and expectations.

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