Building Quality With TEAM Loyalty

Noelle Daigle

Dec, 1 December, 2017

How do you develop quality and maintain it over years of perseverance, research and innovation? The best way for any company to get it right is to have a strong team that is structured for motivation, teamwork and of course happiness. If you have a team that you have built over the years to help propel your company past any competition in any industry, it can be a challenge.

You have to build up your team in the right atmosphere, in one that is focused, organized, encouraging and motivated to improve every day.
Mold In Graphic Systems has experienced an amazing team over its 35+ year history. Becoming the leading manufacturer for permanent graphics technology for rotomolders, injection molders and plastics worldwide did not just happen by accident. Our TEAM stays focused with LEAN and Six Sigma improvement techniques, team wellness activities like our Walktober Challenge, morning meeting knowledge sharing and much more.

MIGS TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) members make up the heart of our amazing culture. With about 50% of our members being here for over 10 years and almost half of those have been here for 20 years or more. We are truly grateful to have such an outstanding TEAM.

Newly promoted and noteworthy TEAM members include Malachi Collins, as Production Department Manager, who has been a member for over 6 years and Kamla Delahel, who has been a TEAM member for over 3 years and was promoted to Account Manager in our Polyfuze Graphics division. Both individuals have shown great leadership in our focus on quality and that’s an honorable attribute that drives many members to keep improving every day.

These TEAM members and many more are building the quality we are aiming for everyday for the greatest experience for our customers, internally and externally. Using LEAN and Six Sigma methodology, has allowed our loyal and newer TEAM members to provide improvements every day. Creating quality products and services is our aim while serving to be the best plastics labeling technology for our customers, boosting their brand.

Curious about our approach on quality and why Polyfuze Graphics are so different? Learn more here to see how we further develop the focus on quality.

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