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Ownership / Anti-Counterfeit / Anti-Theft

Polyfuze labeling technology fuses into plastic on a subsurface level, providing a distinct advantage over traditional labeling methods. Polyfuze labels can now be created with microtaggants that are 100% unique to each graphic. 

Each application is completely customized to provide a unique “fingerprint” to protect products for life. Even if a treated product is put through a plastic re-grinder, the microtaggant remains present, with its unique signature still readable.

Polymer Fusion Labeling is proud to offer this advanced solution to provide reliable counterfeit detection, product security, and efficient brand-protection for the life of valuable plastic products.

How Does It Work?

Advanced Solutions to ensure brand-protection for a variety of needs.
  • QR Codes
  • Encrypted Barcodes
  • Convenient Self-Authentication
  • Lifetime Fusion Bond Guaranteed
  • Powerful Tracking/Tracing
Ensured 100% reliable counterfeit detection and product securities.
  • Powerful Brand Protection 
  • Customized Taggant Signature
  • Anti-Counterfeit Visible & Invisible Solutions
  • Lifetime Fusion Bond Guaranteed
Solutions to Protect Your Assets, in a variety of methods to meet your specific needs.
  • MicroTaggant Signature Integration
  • Security To Meet Your Needs
  • Reliable Counterfeit Prevention
  • Complete Traceability / Visibility

How Does Polyfuze Work?


Fusion Labels are engineered to fuse into the subsurface of the plastic and contain an additive that is 100% unique to the product that cannot be replicated.

This taggant is completely custom to you and provides a unique “fingerprint” that will protect your product for life. The taggant also remains present, as it’s signature is still readable, even if the product is ground up.


Fusion Labels are security labels that become a permanent part of your valued products, complete with their own unique taggant, that will remain intact for the life of the part. With counterfeiters more sophisticated than ever, its more important than ever before to utilize methods that will ensure reliable and instant authentication, anti-theft, and anti-counterfeiting for your products.

Data Tracking & Tracing

Polyfuze labeling now includes the ability to carry essential product data that can track and trace back for your record or data systems.

Tracking and tracing your valuable products becomes a lifetime solution with Fusion Labels.

Asset-tracking and retrieval is simple, efficient, and reliable, because the barcodes, serialization or QR codes are ensured to never fall off, fade, or peel up.


Barcoding With Fusion Label Technology

The primary problem with current barcoding methods is it can easily be removed from plastic surfaces. This leaves valuable products and assets vulnerable and barcode investment obsolete.

Fusion Labeling Technology with barcoding is engineered with 100% compatible materials to fuse into polymer on subsurface level for the life of the product.

Barcodes applied through Fusion Labeling cannot be removed one they are fused in the product. This provides a truly unique solution for polymer products which require tracking and traceability.

Unique Labeling Technology

When Brand Protection and Authentication is critical, Polyfuze Graphic Corporation offers an array of unique technologies designed protect plastic assets for life.

Powerful and Convenient Security with a variety of Encrypted Fusion Barcodes:

  • Code 39
  • Code 128
  • UPC
  • Data Matrix
  • QR Codes and more


Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology

Different from standard Adhesion Label Technologies where the primary action is surface adhesion of two different materials attempting to stick together, Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology is at the molecular level creating one piece of fused inseparable Olefin plastic.

How Does It Work?

Pigmented Polymer (Fusion Label) is molecularly fused to Olefinic Plastic (Product) using heat/pressure via standard Hot Stamp / Heat Transfer / VersaFlex Technology.

The fusion reaction takes place quickly during this process resulting in the two plastics coming together (Fusing) and then quickly cooling once complete.

Our Most Popular / Best Selling Labeling Projects

Custom Branding Labels

  • Fine-Line Detail Labels
  • Indoor/Outdoor Labels
  • Anti-Scratch Labels

Medical Biohazard Labels

  • Legal Warning Labels
  • Certification Labels
  • Anti-Chemical Labels

Car Charger Warning Labels

  • Cautionary Labels
  • Ultra Durable Labels
  • Anti-Corrosion Labels

Waste Container Labels

  • Hauler Labels
  • Municipal Labels
  • Instructional Labels
  • UV Shielded Labels

Recycling Container Labels

  • Branding Labels
  • Services Labels
  • Signage Labels
  • Color-Holding Labels

Reusable Container Labels

  • Tracking / Tracing Labels
  • Assets Labeling
  • Pooling Labels
  • Anti-Corrosion Labels