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Labeling For Plastic Net Worth Relates To Netflix

Labeling For Plastic Net Worth Relates To Netflix My name is Marty Mares, CEO of Polyfuze Graphics Corporation and I want to explain how our labeling for plastics net worth relates to Netflix, the movie in the mail giant that changed the home movie rental experience back in 1998 and since then has expanded [...]

Best Method For Labeling Waste Management & Recycling Carts

The best method for labeling waste management & recycling carts should be truly permanent and easily identifiable. You could be a manufacturer of residential or business refuse carts, a waste or recycling management company, a provider of curbside waste collection service, or a city municipality providing your city with a public curbside cleanliness [...]

10 Things To Avoid When Labeling Polyolefin Plastics

If you have attempted to decorate polyolefin plastics for any durable goods like a trash can, kayak, waste bin, beverage cooler, storage or tote bin, plastic handles, reusable beverage containers, medical storage devices, automotive components under the hood or inside the vehicle or signage then read on. It is highly likely that you or your [...]

How I Became A Certified Labelfreak

Owner, Mike Stevenson, the original #labelfreak, circa 1984 to present. “I have been working with MIGS for years and I learned new information today about old products. Awesome!” – Kathy Gorey / Pelican Products Over 40 years ago, the Founder of Mold in Graphic Systems had a vision. Mike Stevenson simply saw [...]