Adhesives? We Don’t Use Adhesives…

And to all our competition…good luck making that “stick”!

Polyfuze Graphics™ features new innovative technology that is truly profound in its simplicity.

For years, the only available decorating methods for polyethylene and polypropylene plastics utilized various types of inks and adhesives. In one form or another, these methods try and “stick” to polyolefin based plastic, that by composition, nothing wants to stick to!

At Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation, we have completely diverted away from following the same tried, tested and failed methods. Instead, we looked for a more innovative and new way to make a superior graphic that outlasts, outperforms and finally, lives up to the word “permanent”!

Our technology takes two like materials; your polyolefin based part and our polyolefin based Polyfuze Graphics™, and literally “fuses” the two together to form an unbreakable bond!
See for yourself how we are redefining the word permanent by requesting your free sample now. Or sign-up for our Monthly Webinar here.

Finally, Graphics Reimagined!