Top Ten Reasons to use Polyfuze Graphics for Polyethylene or Polypropylene
  • Polyfuze + PE or PP = An Unbreakable Bond

    Polyfuze is Permanent: Unlike IML’s, Foils or Heat Transfers, Polyfuze literally “melts” into polyethylene and polypropylene products.

  • Recyclable Part + Recyclable Graphic = 100% Recyclable

    Polyfuze is 100% Recyclable: Polyfuze is polymer based so it becomes part of any polyolefin product it’s applied to.

  • No Robotics Required + Reduced Scrap Rate = More Profit

    Polyfuze is Economical: Polyfuze is a finished label ready to be applied to your polyolefin products using standard hot-stamping equipment.

  • Polyolefin Product + Multi-Color Polyfuze Graphic = Graphics That Continue to Look Great

    Polyfuze is available in multiple colors: Polyfuze uses rich pigments to produce vibrant decoration for your plastic products.

  • Available on a Roll or on a Sheet Form = Easy to Use Innovative Technology

    Polyfuze is Innovative: Supported by over 30 years of quality product for the plastics decorating business, Polyfuze is innovation – not imitation.

  • Rigorous Testing + 100% PASS RATE = Unsurpassed Durability

    Polyfuze is Lab Tested: Polyfuze is unbeatable in every test. Polyfuze is Chemical & Solvent Proof, Cut & Abrasion Proof, and Extreme Temperature & Element Proof.

  • Real World Application + Proven Durability = Ongoing Customer Satisfaction

    Polyfuze is Field Tested: Polyfuze labels are currently used in a wide variety of products including shopping carts, lawn mowers, tool boxes, utility supplies and reusable shipping containers & pallets.

  • Permanent Branding + Permanent Warning Labels = WIN / WIN for All

    Polyfuze is the solution to your problem: Injection molders, product managers and company owners all understand the value of permanent branding and warning labels for their products.

  • Product Traceability + Permanent Graphic = Product Security

    Polyfuze is available with LASERCODE Serialization: Serialized numbers and bar code tracking is important for many Polyethylene and Polypropylene products.

  • Your Business and Satisfaction = Our Gratitude and Sincere Thanks

    Polyfuze is Made in the USA: Located in Arizona, our growing company of 100+ employees is proud to produce innovative and quality products for customers just like you.