5 Reasons To Add Fusion Labeling Technology With BioCote® Antimicrobial To Plastic Products

Written By: Matt Stevenson

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Microbes are microscopic organisms that include bacteria and mold. On unprotected, high-touch surfaces, microbes can double in as little as 20 minutes and survive for months extracting nutrients while compromising performance properties and causing early product failure.

Over time, microbes can:

  • Cause material degradation and staining
  • Reduce product lifetime
  • Cause foul odors
  • Reduce overall cleanliness

Plastics used in medical devices often have antimicrobial additives but required safety or important branding labels subvert the antimicrobial benefits by covering  those surfaces while creating places that harbor microbes that are not easily cleaned or sanitized.

Fusion Labeling Technology from Polyfuze now brings BioCote protected labels to the plastics market, making antimicrobial label and surface production accessible to design engineers in companies working with medical products where cleanliness is critical, including:

  • Biohazard Medical Waste Containers
  • Sharps Containers
  • Cryogenic / Vaccine Support
  • Hospital Beds
  • Plastic Dental Devices

BioCote features silver ion technology that provides antimicrobial protection to products, keeping surfaces cleaner in between sanitation efforts, makes surfaces easier to clean, more resistant to stains and odors, less susceptible to cross contamination, and have a longer usable life. In addition, customers adding BioCote via Polyfuze labels on plastic products gain:

1) A Permanent Solution

Fusion Labeling Technology with BioCote has unique abilities across all olefinic thermoplastic polymer materials where safety, health, and warning labels are required. Using unique molecular fusion technology, a Polyfuze label with proprietary antimicrobial additive unites permanently with the polymer substrates of critical products to create seamless, integrated labels with antimicrobial properties right at the surface where it’s needed most.

And just like Fusion Labeling Technology from Polyfuze , BioCote provides a permanent solution, the antimicrobial properties won’t wear out or wash off over the life use of the product.

2) A Simple Process

Fusion Labeling Technology from Polyfuze sets an unprecedented standard for labeling with labels made from the same olefinic thermoplastic as the products they  fuse to, for a lifetime of  durability and customer satisfaction.

Fusion Labeling Technology is simple to apply and repeatable. With minimal adjustments to existing heat transfer/hot stamp equipment settings, a roll of Fusion Labels with BioCote, gives customers the option of adding brand, warning, informative, or protective labeling with antimicrobial benefits quickly.

The exclusive Fusion process inherently eliminates sanitary and quality issues caused by other labeling technologies that utilize adhesives or mechanical bonds to secures labeling in place. When those technologies begin to fail, label edges, exposed layers, and gummy adhesives create shelters where microorganisms can thrive and grow despite cleaning with sprays and cleaners. By integrating BioCote technology, seamless and flush Fusion labels promote easily cleanable surfaces on products with antimicrobial protection.

3) Effective Safeguarding

Fusion Labeling Technology with BioCote reduces the presence of microbes on a protected product by up to 99.99%. All BioCote partner products, including Polyfuze labels, have been tested before going to market to ensure they deliver the required levels of antimicrobial efficacy performance associated with the BioCote trademark.

BioCote protected products are the only antimicrobial products proven to deliver a real-life benefit in multiple environments, measured and demonstrated in hospitals, care homes, schools, food processing environments, and more.


4) Visible or Invisible Protection

While Fusion Labeling Technology with BioCote can be added to branding,  warning, and informative labeling to provide antimicrobial properties in those areas, invisible Fusion labels with BioCote can offer protection in   high-touch point areas and surfaces on products without altering appearance. This invisible protection approach is ideal to protect areas on a part that are most susceptible to microbes, like handles, buttons, lids, or grab points.

5) Regulatory Compliance

Fusion Labeling Technology from Polyfuze  have always been capable of RoHS, CPSIA, SVHC, FDA, and GMW3059 compliancy when requested. Now, customers can request  Fusion Labeling Technology with BioCote antimicrobial  to provide antimicrobial protection on labels where they may be needed.

BioCote additives are registered with the EPA and BioCote technology is regulatory compliant across the globe. BioCote Ltd. is the only antimicrobial supplier approved by HACCP International and is ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited.

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