World's Only
Fusion Technology For Labeling Plastics

When Permanency, Safety & Branding Matter.

Most Durable Labeling For Plastics

Look at how Polyfuze Graphics, the world’s only Fusion Label technology for polyolethylene and polypropylene, compares to regular adhesive technology or pressure sensitive labels.

Polyfuze Fusion Technology VS. Other Manufacturers

Polyfuze Graphic labels are different because their very construction is so distinctive. Other labeling methods for olefin plastic are printed using stock, “off the shelf”, ink.

Polyfuze Labeling Reduces Costs

Are you concerned with the rising costs of getting your finishes plastic goods with permanent branding to your customers, and still have the profits you want?

Check out the real cost of other labeling compared to Polyfuze.

Proudly Featured On These Products

Polyfuze Patented Fusion Technology (PPFT)

World’s only “Fusion Technology” for labeling plastics, far exceeding all industry test standards and Guaranteeing Lifetime Branding Permanency.

PPFT increases profitability through scrap reduction, increased capacity and higher yields helping the World’s Biggest Brands increase market share by being seen.

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