Polyfuze Graphics® Are Made for 100% Pure Fusion into Your Plastics

Industries Served

  • Lawn & Garden
  • Pallet / Reusable Packaging
  • Medical
  • Waste Management
  • Automotive
  • Shopping Carts
  • Material Handling
  • Cleaning Products
  • Retail / Consumer Products
  • Food Service
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Beverage Crates & More

Some of Our Projects


Polyfuze Graphics are for permanent application on durable and reusable injection molded polyethylene and polypropylene products. Our labeling technology outperforms IML’s, heat transfers, hot stamp foils, stickers, and pad or screen printing for many plastic material types, including the family of polyolefin materials. HDPE, LDPE, MDPE, UHMW, structural foam, glass filled PP, talc filled PP, as well as, olefin based TPOs and TPEs.

Using standard hot stamp equipment, the graphic is fused into the part creating a durable, highly UV resistant decoration able to withstand harsh conditions from exposure to acid, water, chemicals and petroleum products. Our graphics are sized to customer specs and available in multi-color.

A Polyfuze Graphic is comprised with:

  • A Base Layer: PET Clear Film Carrier which strips away on the take-up reel after stamping is completed and is not part of the finished product.
  • Print & Colorings – The world's only polymer-based graphic using high grade automotive pigmentation and materials that fully 'heat fuse' into your part at the molecular / atomic level.

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Scenic Road Manufacturing Wheel Barrow with Polyfuze Graphcis
Festival Foods Cart with Polyfuze Graphcis

CMYK process with Polyfuze Graphics

Single Color

Our Polyfuze Graphics are the perfect permanent alternative to hot stamping and pad/screen printing. Our one color graphics offer fine line detail which is often difficult to achieve in foil application.



We also offer multi-color graphics. Our multi-color graphics can be color matched to various color charts such as the Pantone® Matching System* and allow you to apply the graphic in one single stamp. Due to the nature of the pigments used to comprise our graphics, we are able to achieve effects such as halftones and gradient patterns, thus allowing for a dramatic effect with less colors being processed.

CMYK Process

Are you needing a photo realistic graphic? Our CMYK process will achieve just that. Our CMYK process allows you to achieve photo realistic images that are currently achieved by using alternative decorating methods such as IML’s or stickers. These methods also utilize inks and substrates that are going to break down over time. Just as with our single and multi-color graphics our CMYK graphic fuses directly into the part creating a permanent bond.

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* The Polyfuze graphic process cannot guarantee all color matches, as the color transitions from digital artwork or CMYK paper printing do not directly translate to plastic pigmentation colors. Please speak to our team in regards to color processing your graphic.


Polyfuze Graphics are an easy-to-apply decoration process for injection molded plastics. Our secondary process only requires the use of a standard hot stamp machine and a 80 durometer silicon die to fuse the graphic permanently into the part to become one piece. No adhesives, no inks, no clear coats and no surface pre-treatments are required.

All it takes is the quick setup on the machine with the heat, time and pressure settings dialed in for a consistent and repeatable result. At glance it looks like a heat transfer or hot stamp foil being applied, but the materials our graphics are comprised of set us apart and allow us to outperform the rest.

Check out our Polyfuze Graphics 101 video to view how the process is done.

Polyfuze Graphics Can Decorate Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Their Derivatives

UHMW Structural Foam Glass Filled PP
Talc Filled PP TPO TPE
Flexible PVC


Graphics for Polyethylene, Polypropylene from PolyfuzePolyfuze Graphics Are Tested for:

  • UV Resistance
  • Battery Acids Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Petroleum Resistance
  • Abrasion & Impact Resistance and more
Download Test Data Here
Our experiences with Polyfuze Graphics staff and product has been exceptional. They are easy to work with, technically resourceful, thorough and responsive. Polyfuze Graphics helped C&A Pro Skis transition from a cumbersome manual stickering process to an automated application. This change reduced our costs significantly and increased our out-going quality. Polyfuze Graphics went above and beyond in numerous ways…We would highly recommend Polyfuze Graphics as your supplier of choice.
Eddy Plowman, C & A Pro Skis
Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation has proven to be an invaluable business partner when it comes to decorating Otto containers. The Polyfuze Graphic meets or exceeds the durability standards, appearance requirements, and UV tests of the plastics industry…
…It enhances brand awareness, improves asset retention, lowers costs, and advances sustainability initiatives.
Rherig Pacific, Rehrig Pacific Company
I have tried for years to get a multi -color permanent logo on our garbage toters, but had settled for a decal instead. Polyfuze Graphics™ helped us to fulfill this need. Not only is our Trash Taxi logo in full color, but also permanently welded into the plastic of our cart. The fine line detail in the graphic far exceeds any hot stamp. Thank you Polyfuze Graphics™ Corporation and Otto Environmental Systems for making this hope a reality.
Curtis Agius - President / Founder, Trash Taxi
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The INDEX™ System – for Polyfuze Graphics

0516_Subimg_Polyfuze_Index-PhotoEyeThe INDEX™ System is an add-on component system that has been developed for retrofitting an existing hot stamp machine setup to easily incorporate thye application of Polyfuze Graphics, if it is not currently accomodating for our graphics process.

The INDEX System also was made for the repeatable placement of the Polyfuze graphic in a precise manner. 'INDEX' System sensors are precise, meaning that every Polyfuze graphic stamped will be repeatable during your decorating cycles.

This unit will mount to most brands of Hot Stamp equipment and can be mounted on the left or right hand side, opposite from the foil take-up system. The end user will need to provide brackets and mounting holes in their existing press construction to accept the 'INDEX'.

The INDEX System is a self-contained unit that requires 120 volt power and a press that has a working 'Dwell Timer' and Motorized Foil Advance system. Please note that the 'INDEX' will not work on some older presses that have missing foil take-up systems, or use an air ratchet advance system, or hand crank system.

Index System for Polyfuze Graphics with Photo EyePhoto Eye Registration

The photo eye that is included with our INDEX™ System, is used for detection of Polyfuze Graphics registration marks. Once the photo eye detects the registration mark, it sends a signal to the internal braking mechanism stopping the pull of the carrier film by the take-up motor. Our photo eye brand is a MARK•EYE®, and is designed to see our printed registration marks on a continuous web. The 'one-touch' set-up enables the sensor to easily be adjusted with a single push of a button.

The Photo Eye provides:

  • Precision detection of Polyfuze registration marks
  • An included 6′ cable
  • Easy one button setup
  • Remote autosetting
  • High Accuracy for repeatable results

Upon the proper installation of the INDEX, you will have years of repeatable production from this robust unit placing Polyfuze Graphics on your products. Polyfuze Graphics Corp. also offers an optional adjustable adapter bracket at an additional charge that may make your installation easier.

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Polyfuze Graphics TEST DATA Download

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