It’s not adhesion, ink, or a chemical bond:

It’s not adhesion, ink,

or a chemical bond:



What Polyfuze is

Durable Plastic Label Solutions

Every day, millions of durable products are manufactured of polyolefin thermoplastics specifically for their performance properties. Ironically, this high-caliber performance makes them problematic for traditional “adhesion-based” labeling methods, and causes serious degradation in most weather conditions or environments.

Enter Polyfuze

The molecular fusion technology that maximizes process efficiencies with labeling solutions that surpass extreme performance and durability standards.

What it’s for

Permanent Labels Compatible with Virtually All Polyolefin Plastics

A Polymer Fusion label from Polyfuze can decorate polyethylene and polypropylene including subgroups and derivatives including:

Zero Waste & 100% Recyclable

Efficient, Economic, & Environmentally Friendly

Polyolefin thermoplastics can be recycled and reused into new products a minimum of 10 times, if they’re uncontaminated.

That’s important because unlike incompatible labeling methods made from papers, inks, films, adhesives, coatings, and tie layers that MUST be removed and discarded prior to recycling, durable products labeled with Polymer Fusion Technology from Polyfuze can be placed right into the recycle stream without removal.


ZERO Removal, ZERO Landfill, ZERO Waste.



Regarding the 049611-002 label that Is used on the 2020 Corvette. We have had ZERO defects to date. The production floor has no recordable scrap due to quality or performance of the Polyfuze label. Great job.


Rubbermaid Commercial

Sure enough, we stamped the Polyfuze Label, then I took a knife to it and it was fuzed in there! That blew me away! You couldn’t do that with a heat transfer… I can say that our scrap rate, using Polyfuze versus heat transfers, is far less…Once you start using it, it sells itself.

Rubbermaid Commercial.

Otto Environmental

Polyfuze has proven to be an invaluable business partner when it comes to decorating Otto containers.

The Polyfuze Graphic meets or exceeds the durability standards, appearance requirements, and UV tests of the plastics industry.

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