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The Truth About Permanent Safety/Warning Labeling

Consumer Safety & Preventing
Litigation Depends On It!

Historically speaking, it’s interesting to note that adhesion-based label durability testing was originally developed for labeling applied to high surface energy (HSE) stainless steel, aluminum and glass as test substrates. This makes sense because prior to the early 1990’s, the vast majority of products, parts, and components from lawn mowers to high chairs were produced from them.

Since that time however, low surface energy (LSE) polyolefin thermoplastics like polyethylene and polypropylene have overwhelmingly overtaken these metals and other composites in the manufacture of durable products, parts, and components due to them being more durable and cost effective.

This change has had a profound impact on the adhesion characteristics of labeling and it’s not being addressed as updates within safety/warning label durability standards.

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