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Polymer Fusion Labeling Technology?

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How They're Made:

Instead of standard off-the-shelf inks, incompatible substrates, unsuitable adhesives, and unreliable protective coatings, Polyfuze™ artisans utilize only high quality pigments and polymers that are then blended with Polymer Fusion Technology IP materials.

The result is a customized pigmented polymer designed to fuse permanently with durable polyolefin thermoplastic products, parts, and components for life use.

Ink pigment

Raw Pigments

Patented IP Materials

ink for labeling

Printable Polymer

How They're Printed

100% compatible, 100% recyclable Polymer Fusion Technology “inks” are printed as a single, fully-compatible layer onto PET film (carrier only) to create customized Polymer Fusion Labels built to exact customer specifications.

Polyfuze™ uses Lean Manufacturing processes including Built-In Quality (BIQ) verification ensuring highest quality from production to shipment to customers around the world.

Polymer Fusion is the science of merging two separate polyolefin thermoplastics together (polyolefin label + polyolefin product, part, or component) utilizing melting point temperature, time, and pressure, to seamlessly produce a singular piece of polymer without the use of adhesives, tie-layers, bonding agents, or secondary surface treatments.

Once the fusion process is complete, the two polyolefin materials have combined to form one piece of seamless and flush polyolefin plastic with no change in durability or structural integrity.

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How It Works

SEM Analysis:
Just How Permanent Is Polymer Fusion Labeling?

It’s one thing to make claims about label permanency for durable products made of polyolefin thermoplastics (like many high profile label suppliers do in marketing literature). It’s quite another to prove it!

To do this, Advanced MicroAnalytical Laboratory conducted SEM Analysis on claimed “permanent” In Mold Labeling, Hot Stamp Foil, and Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Labels vs. Polymer Fusion Labels.

Summary: Only Polymer Fusion Technology proved to integrate fully and completely at a molecular level.

SEM Analysis provides detailed, high resolution imaging capabilities at a very wide range of magnifications from 10x to 1Mx magnification to gain structural insight.

Need More Proof of Polymer Fusion Label Durability?

Compatible with Virtually All Polyolefin Plastics

Polymer Fusion Technology labels from Polyfuze easily decorate polyethylene and polypropylene including all subgroups, and many derivatives including:

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