As a LEAN company with staff trained in Six Sigma, leadership at Polyfuze Graphics Corporation values the opportunity to both volunteer, and be part of, several memberships and organizations where we can give back, sharing our background and expertise in hopes of helping the many industries these organizations affect.

SAE Battery Tape & Label Committee Member


The SAE Battery Tape & Label committee is focused on the updating of the J2936 standard. This standard provides labeling guidelines at all levels of component, subsystem and system level architectures describing content, placement and durability requirements of specific unit throughout the total product life cycle from inception to reclamation for both traditional and upcoming EV types. The standard states that “all labeling shall remain intact for the ‘life-of-the-product’ for each Component, Subsystem, and System.”


Being a member of this committee has given Polyfuze™ leadership a voice for important potential changes to the current, outdated standard that includes what durability requirements are necessary to meet a required “life-of-the-product” cycle, and ensuring that performance testing be conducted on production intent labeling applied to production intent substrates.

ASTM F15 Consumer Products Subcommittee Member


The ASTM F15 Consumer Products Subcommittee covers a wide range of products that fall under their scope such as (Consumer Products, Home and Public Playground Equipment, Highchairs, Toddler Beds, Bath Seats, Infant Carriers, Toy Safety, Baby Changing Tables, and Shopping Carts). The overall goal for ASTM is to help make products safer for both consumers and juveniles, from the design and construction of these products to the safety/warning labeling applied to them.

Being on several of these subcommittees and partaking in meetings has allowed Polyfuze leadership an audience to share advice on the interaction between materials used in manufacture of many of these products (majority being polyolefin thermoplastics), and how those polymers affect the outcome of safety/warning labeling applied to them when they are required to remain affixed for life use. This important facet remains a priority to educate the industry as it does affect whether or not safety/warning labeling is doing its intended job by warning and informing of proper use and safety during ownership.

UL 969 STP Member

UL logo

UL’s mission statement is “to promote the production and use of products which are physically and environmentally safe and to apply our efforts to prevent or reduce loss of life and property.” UL 969 is the standard for marking and labeling systems used for permanent product identification.

Being a member of the Standards Technical Panel has allowed Polyfuze™ leadership the opportunity to engage, and in effect, contribute valuable input into future renditions of the UL 969 standard. These inputs have led to a recent update to the standard that includes other label types including “Heat Fusion Labeling” technology. Another addition targets the importance of surfaces (substrates) and adds “polyolefins” to the list due to their inherant difficulty when labeling.

ANSI Z535.4 Committee Member


ANSI Z535.4 specifies performance requirements for the design, application, use and placement of safety labels and signs that are intended to identify hazards that a person may encounter while operating or servicing a variety of products.

Being a member of the committee allows Polyfuze™ leadership a voice to help in the future of font and color design when it comes to safety/warning labeling.

AIAG Member

Automotive group-logo

The Automotive Action Industry Group is tasked with helping Automotive OEM’s drive down cost and complexity throughout supply chain. AIAG publishes standards, educational conferences, and training.

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