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Polyfuze Team Visits PACK Expo 2021

The packaging and processing community came together this week with over 23,000 attendees, eager to find solutions to current challenges. With over 1,500 exhibitors, the show was well attended by both exhibitors and attendees alike.

“In a word, PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO was a success,” said Jim Pittas, President and CEO, PMMI. “Exhibitors and attendees alike were energized by the number of people who attended and more importantly the business conducted from the moment we opened the doors on Monday.”


The Polyfuze Graphics Corporation team attended the event, walking the show, visiting with current customers, and making new connections. The energy was high as we stopped to look at machinery, try our hand at pinball (to win a YETI Cooler), and of course, discuss innovative packaging solutions with industry veterans such as TriEnda, Orbis, and Vantage Plastics.


Kamla Delahel, Polymer Fusion Labeling Technician and Jason Brownell, Director of Engineering, are no strangers to PACK Expo. With a combined total of 30+ of experience at Polyfuze Graphics Corp. tallied up between the two of them, they understand the industry and its unique needs.

Kamla said, “The layout of the show was very well organized. Having all the reusable packaging exhibitors together in one area made it very convenient to connect and compare product offerings.”

Jason said, “Pack expo was an amazing show. We were able to say thank you to our existing customers and provide solutions for future accounts. Thank you to my amazing colleagues for a great show.”

After what was an uncertain future for trade shows with the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a pleasure to visit a show in person again. There is something unparalleled about being able to view the latest technologies and innovations up close, to be able to ask and answer questions face to face, and to be part of the energy that comes from being surrounded by industry professionals who are dedicated to bringing the best solutions for reusable packaging to life.

The Polyfuze team was thrilled to attend PACK Expo 2021, happy to see so many familiar faces, and the opportunity to meet new ones. We are looking forward to the remaining shows for 2021!

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